No deal as firefighters hold out

first_img Previous Article Next Article The firefighters dispute over their union’s 40 per cent pay claim is nowentering its third month with little sign of a resolution. Paul Nelson talkedto employers and firefighters on both sides of the picket lineThe employer’s viewHR professionals in the fire service believe it is in desperate need ofmodernisation. They have criticised the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) for refusing to commit toreforms and support the Government for standing firm and linking anyinflation-busting pay rise of more than 4 per cent to modernisation. Anne Smith, HR manager at Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service, backed thefindings of the independent inquiry into the fire service’s pay and workingpractices led by Sir George Bain. Bain recommends that HR should be mainstreamed to drag the service away fromits militaristic origins to one of a best practice organisation. He calls for shift patterns to be overhauled to incorporate flexible workingin a bid to improve the diversity of the workforce, for retained (part-time)firefighters to work alongside their full-time counterparts, and for theovertime ban to be lifted. Under the recommendations firefighters would also be trained in paramedicskills. Smith described the Bain review as “a fair conclusion of the fireservice today”. She believes it is the perfect opportunity for reform and cites her time asa HR professional in the Police service, when it transformed its work cultureto create a more family-friendly environment, as proof that change isachievable. The FBU has so far refused to co-operate with the Bain review and dismissedall recommendations, especially changes to shift patterns and lifting theunion’s ban on overtime. Smith believes that the union is wrong not to embrace the findings. “The FBU must realise that modernisation may mean changes to the shiftpatterns that it holds so dear,” she said. “Changes are the only wayto increase the diversity of the force. The fire service is still a white,male-dominated arena. To change we must change shift patterns and planresources to best suit the system.” Employers believe the reason the FBU is opposed to changing the‘four-days-on, four-days-off’ shift pattern is because a lot of its members usethe extensive time off to do second jobs. A report published last week claimed local authority employers estimate thatfour out of five of London’s 5,800 firefighters have second jobs, with morethan 500 earning around £150 a day as part-time taxi drivers. One HR professional in the fire service, who refused to be named, saidemployers were aware that a lot of staff have other jobs and that the reasonthe FBU is against changes to shift patterns was because it would make thispractice difficult to continue. David Willingham, personnel manager at Humberside Fire Brigade, agreed:”It is common knowledge that firefighters do have second jobs. The shiftpattern that gives staff four days off is very conducive to that. “If things were changed it would mean shorter shifts and theimplication is that it would encroach on that four-day block of freetime.” Shift pattern changes would introduce local flexibility to rostering andallow HR to use resources more efficiently. Greater Manchester County Fire Service’s personnel manager Peter Brook saidlifting the overtime ban would help to drive down costs. “We have the technology and knowledge to know what each station’s busyand quiet times are, but we do not have flexibility of staff to use that. Theshift pattern changes will introduce a flexibility to the service,” hesaid. recommendations– HR to be mainstreamed– Shift pattern overhauled to include flexible working– Paramedic training for firefighters– Full- and part-time staff to work firefighters’ viewFirefighters’ worst fears were realised last week when the Governmentannounced that job cuts would be an inevitable part of the modernisationprocess.In a House of Commons speech last week, Deputy Prime MinisterJohn Prescott said the modernisation of the service was the perfect opportunityto trim the workforce.He proposed using ‘natural wastage’ – not replacing the 10,000firefighters due to retire over the next three years – to cut the size of the52,000 workforce by 20 per cent.Andrew Dodgson, firefighter and union representative at SuttonFire Station in Surrey, believes the job cuts would undermine the effectivenessof the service and plans for modernisation.”We are not afraid of modernisation – I have been in theservice for 20 years and it has continued to modernise – but the Governmentwants jobs cuts,” he said.”I am totally opposed to overtime as it will put a freezeon recruitment. The Government will run the service down to 70 per cent of itsworkforce and use overtime to make up the shortfall.”  The announcement over possible job cuts appears to havehardened firefighters’ support for the dispute just as their commitment to theunion’s 40 per cent pay claim was wavering.But the 16 per cent offer negotiated between employers and theFBU – involving four pay increases over the next 12 months – that was blockedby John Prescott at the last minute, would be enough to end the dispute. Firefighter Rowan Saunders said he would accept the offer, butwants to see firefighters among the top earners in the public sector withinthree years.  “I would say 99 per cent of the workforce thinks that 40per cent is unrealistic,” he said. “If we were offered 16 per cent wewould be straight back to work.”Dodgson agreed: “We would like 40 per cent, but we arerealistic. It is a bargaining tool that we have proved we are prepared to budgefrom.” The firefighters also claimed to support Sir George Bain’srecommendations on modernisation.Keith Perks, sub-officer at the Sutton station, would be happyto accept the report’s recommendations to introduce new shift patterns andovertime – as long as it was voluntary. He also backed paramedic training.”I would not object to changes in working patterns,”he said. “I have two kids – a boy of eight who I miss playing footballevery weekend and a girl who is in a lot of plays that I miss. I would ratherbe at home with the kids.””I would be happy to do paramedic training as long as itdid not replace paramedics as I trained as a firefighter. We would deal withmedical emergencies if we were first on the scene.”Hot off the press: more strikeslikelyAt the time Personnel Today went to press there was no sign of a resolutionto the dispute.The employers and the union had no concrete plans for new talksand neither side appeared optimistic of an early settlement.A spokesman for the Employers’ Organisation for LocalGovernment said: “We are meeting at joint secretarial level to exchangenotes on where we are. We have no proposals to put to the FBU at this stage. “We are working with the Government on the formulation ofa new proposal. We will be inviting the FBU to suspend the next strike to allowfor technical work to continue unimpeded by the dispute.”However, it appeared likely that the second of three plannedeight-day strikes starting tomorrow would go No deal as firefighters hold outOn 3 Dec 2002 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Developers, city race to get approvals before regime change

first_img Tags Share via Shortlink Email Address* Bill de Blasioulurp Full Name* Message* Photo illustration of Mayor Bill de Blasio (Getty, iStock)Within the next eight months, the de Blasio administration hopes to rezone two neighborhoods and upend hotel construction citywide. At the same time, more than four dozen private rezoning applications aim to win City Council support — or risk restarting negotiations with a new regime.Any election year would add urgency to the approval process for zoning changes, special permits and other types of applications, but this year the pressure is even greater because the city suspended its Uniform Land Use Review Procedure for six months during the pandemic, causing applications to back up.Since it resumed Sept. 14, some 51 proposals have entered the seven-month public process, according to the Department of City Planning, which calculated the volume through the end of March. That’s nearly twice as many as during the same period a year ago..ADVERTISEMENT“Since September, we’ve seen strong interest in applications advancing before the end of the administration this year, as well as a very engaged public,” Department of City Planning spokesperson Joe Marvilli said in a statement.Election years are crucial in land use. By City Council custom, applications are decided by the member or members whose districts are affected, and private applications also need the administration’s blessing. Term limits prevent Mayor Bill de Blasio and 35 of the 51 Council members from seeking re-election this year, and 14 of the other Council incumbents have primary challengers. So virtually all applications not decided by Dec. 31 will be at the mercy of an as-yet unknown person.Few developers will take a significant project into public review — a process that can itself cost more than $1 million for studies, legal fees and other expenses — with that kind of uncertainty. That means developers must get their applications into public review by late May. The de Blasio administration faces the same deadline for its own rezonings, notably sweeping proposals for Gowanus and Soho.The land-use review, known by its acronym Ulurp, is dictated by the City Charter, which hasn’t been altered much since a landmark constitutional challenge forced an overhaul in 1989.“Changing the process really would require a much more far-reaching set of approvals,” said Mitch Korbey, chair of Herrick’s land use and zoning group. “Much more important to most folks is: Where is the City Council member or City Council on this specific project?”Consider Gowanus, which the city is seeking to rezone to make way for 8,500 residential units, of which 3,000 would be affordable. Term-limited City Council member Brad Lander, who represents the area, favors rezoning and is negotiating terms with the de Blasio administration. But most of the candidates to succeed him oppose the plan. Its fate may hinge on its surviving a legal challenge to the hearing process and getting to a City Council vote this year.“If Ulurp is delayed past the term of this administration, there will still continue to be new development in our community,” Lander said in an email. “But rather than an intentional effort at a more integrated, affordable and sustainable neighborhood, we would see the acceleration of new hotels, ax-throwing bars, crossfit gyms and storage sites, all of which are allowed by the current zoning, with no requirements for affordability, climate resilience or infrastructure investment.”Without a rezoning there would also be far less residential development, which would be a lost opportunity for property owners and builders — and for families who would live in the affordable housing, according to supporters of the proposal.Private applications are also vying for approval before the end of the year. City records show notices have been filed for more than a dozen such proposals, meaning they can begin public review after 30 days.Virtually all applications not decided by Dec. 31 will be at the mercy of an as-yet unknown person Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlink Getting to that point can be grueling; the Gowanus plan was eight years in the making. The next administration will need at least several months to set its agenda.“To get certified and into the Ulurp process is a lot of the battle,” one city developer said. “That would be delayed under a new administration.”More than 30 private applications are at various stages of the process. They range from modest to massive.At 270 Nostrand Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, BRP Companies faces pushback on plans for a 14-story mixed-use building on the former site of CABS Nursing Home.On the Williamsburg waterfront, Two Trees Development this month applied for zoning to allow its 1.3 million-square-foot River Ring development. The project, which was expected to enter public review last year but was delayed by the pandemic, calls for two mixed-use towers with more than 1,200 apartments, 313 of which would be affordable.Two Trees knows better than most the danger of a project spanning administrations. It threatened to sell its gigantic Domino project when the newly installed de Blasio demanded it include more affordable apartments than the Bloomberg administration had sought. They compromised at 40 additional units.The administration is also aiming to rezone Soho and Noho, where it faces considerable community resistance. Village Preservation executive director Andrew Berman has called it an attempt to “cram another ill-advised plan down the throats of New Yorkers” as the “sun sets” on the de Blasio administration.Those rezonings are among a handful of initiatives de Blasio has identified as priorities for his final year. Others include incentives for developers to make subway stations more accessible and to build grocery stores in low-income communities.The administration is also pushing to require special permits for new hotel construction throughout the city, which would force developers into Ulurp to build or expand a hotel. The city has framed the proposal — which itself requires City Council approval — as a way to ensure “more predictable development” and to limit “the extent to which a hotel use may impair the future use or development of the surrounding area.”Critics have called the proposal a favor to the Hotel Trades Council, a longtime de Blasio ally that strongly supported his ill-fated presidential campaign.“If it doesn’t get done in this administration, it isn’t happening, probably,” said Robin Kramer, a partner at Duval & Stachenfeld who specializes in land use issues. “There’s no planning rationale.”Contact Kathryn Brenzellast_img read more

Impact of marine vertebrates on Antarctic terrestrial micro-arthropods

first_imgTraits of primary producers associated with tissue quality are commonly assumed to have strong control over higher trophic levels. However, this view is largely based on studies of vascular plants, and cryptogamic vegetation has received far less attention. In this study natural gradients in nutrient concentrations in cryptogams associated with the proximity of penguin colonies on a Maritime Antarctic island were utilized to quantify the impact of nitrogen content on micro-arthropod communities. Proximity to penguin colonies increased the nitrogen concentration of cryptogams, and the penguin source was confirmed by decreasing δ15N values at greater distances from colonies. Micro-arthropod abundance, diversity (H’) and richness declined with distance from the penguin colonies, and was positively correlated with the nitrogen concentrations of cryptogams. Δ15N of micro-arthropods was positively correlated (r2=0.865, P<0.01) with δ15N of the moss Andreaea depressinervis indicating that penguin-derived nitrogen moves through Antarctic food webs across multiple trophic levels. Nitrogen content of cryptogams was correlated with associated micro-arthropods indicating that biotic interactions affect community development in Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems. The spatial patterns of Antarctic biodiversity can therefore be affected by local factors, such as marine vertebrates, beyond existing latitudinal patterns of temperature and water availability.last_img read more

‘Revolutionary’ conveyancing and compliance service has 750 branches on board

first_imgAuctions and property services group Iamproperty is to launch its new combined AML compliance and conveyancing service Movebutler this Spring which will reduce time taken to transact a property sale by approximately 17 days.Iamproperty says it expects to formally sign up three of the biggest corporate estate agencies by the time the platform formally launches.Its Group MD Ben Ridgway (pictured) tells The Negotiator that 750 branches, including customers of its subsidiary auction arm, Iamsold, are already signed up.He says its benefits make the service a ‘no brainer’ because it removes approximately 90% of the administrative tasks faced by agents when selling a home and eliminates many of the delays caused by conveyancing hiccups.The service is an onboarding platform for buyers and sellers that ties them into a single online journey and incentives them to be better prepared and informed, bringing together agents’ seven key revenue-generating opportunities into a single, digitised AML-compliant process.“This includes mortgages, surveys, conveyancing, legal pack, auction and probate services, all of which is served up in a digestible way so that agents have the time and opportunity to act and generate more revenue,” says Ridgway.“All agents monetise the journey already by selling additional services, but Movebutler will squeeze the lemon harder.”Ridgway says one of the key attractions of the service is that it automatically downloads and checks Land Registry title for a property, something an agent not doing can lead failing an HMRC audit.“Approximately half of the agents I talk to don’t do this because of the £3 it costs them each time, but we’re offering that as part of our service,” he says.“But our system can spot problem early – for example if an extension has been built without building regs.”Visit Movebutler.Read more about conveyancing delays.movebutler iamproperty iamsold proptech Ben Ridgway conveyancing February 16, 2021Nigel LewisWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021 Home » News » ‘Revolutionary’ conveyancing and compliance service has 750 branches on board previous nextProptech‘Revolutionary’ conveyancing and compliance service has 750 branches on boardMovebutler chief Ben Ridgway says platform will officially launch with three big names signed up, and can reduce admin by 90%.Nigel Lewis16th February 20210666 Viewslast_img read more

Lightsaber battles come to Oxford

first_imgLightsaber training lessons arrived in Oxford earlier this month, based on the lightsaber battles of the Star Wars film franchise universe.Jordan Court has practiced the sport for 18 years and has worked hard to bring lightsaber combat to the UK. He commented, “It is becoming an international sport, there will eventually be an Oxford regional tournament. Becoming an Olympic sport has always been the idea.”“It is a combat sport but the techniques are designed to be safe. There may be visual similarities but the techniques have been designed to be safe. As you progress you are able to use complete styles. No matter what your approach is you are making progress on the way to competitions which is what makes it such a compelling sport.”“We have a real variety of reasons that people get involved. Some because it’s lightsabers which calls to people who have always wanted to use that weapon. Some get involved because they are looking at doing something new or a taking up a different sport, some just because they like Star Wars, we take all sorts… In Oxford we have only been open for a couple of weeks so there are five members but we have more people showing interest all the time.”Trial classes are currently being held on Fridays in Oxford, however those interested can email [email protected] for details of the timings and locations of the various sessions. Lightsaber Combat was first founded in Italy in 2006 and it has since spread to nine countries including Britain, where there are 90 members nationwide.Billy Nuttall, a Magdalen second year and Star Wars fan, was delighted by the news. He told Cherwell, “Who hasn’t grabbed a stick as a kid and pretended it was a lightsaber? Apparently now those sticks light up, make noises, and can be used in bona fide martial arts classes- what a time to be alive.”last_img read more

Tony Nominee Keith David & More Set for Public Theater’s Toast

first_imgTony nominees Keith David and John Earl Jelks will appear in the Public Theater lab production of Lemon Andersen’s Toast. They take on the roles of Dolomite and Stackolee, respectively. Joining them are Phillip James Brannon, Dan Butler, Teddy Cañez, Hill Harper, Jonathan Earl Peck and Armando Riesco. Performances will run from April 21 through May 10, with opening night set for May 5. Elise Thoron will direct. The production will feature scenic design by Alexis Distler, costumes by Dede Ayite, lighting design by Jen Schriever and sound design by Rob Kaplowitz. Show Closed This production ended its run on May 10, 2015 David received a Tony nomination in 1992 for Jelly’s Last Jam; he has since appeared in Hedda Gabler, Seven Guitars and Hot Feet. Jelks recently appeared on Broadway in Holler If Ya Hear Me; he received a Tony nomination for Radio Golf. Brannon takes on the role of Annabelle Jones. His previous off-Broadway credits include Bootycandy, The City of Conversation, Love and Information and Belleville. Butler will play Sheriff Jody; he returns to the Public after Shakespeare in the Park’s Much Ado About Nothing, having also appeared in Twentieth Century, Biloxi Blues and The Hothouse. Cañez made his Broadway debut in A Streetcar Named Desire and will play G.I. Joe in Toast. Harper, who plays Hard Rock, has appeared in Dogeaters and Blue. Peck plays Hobo Ben; his previous Broadway credits include The Lion in Winter, Words & Music and The Rothschilds. Riesco’s credits include The Happiest Song Plays Last, Olives and Blood and Water by the Spoonful; he takes on the role of Jesse James. Toast Related Shows Toast features characters from black oral narratives into a story about men trying to live free during the Attica Prison riots of 1971. The spoken word piece follows Dolomite, a prisoner of 27 years and father figure to his folklore hero cellmates, who must decide whether to risk his impending freedom to join in the riots. The show returns to the Public after previously being presented at the Public’s Under the Radar Festival. View Commentslast_img read more

Teen Charged With 2 Valley Stream Sex Attacks

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 16-year-old Queens boy has been arrested for allegedly committing two of three recent sex attacks that have put parts of southwestern Nassau County residents on edge, authorities said.Nashane Peterkin of Springfield Gardens was ordered held without bail Monday on charges of rape, assault, strangulation and attempted sexual abuse.Nassau police said he was apprehended in Howard Beach following a joint investigation with the NYPD, district attorney’s office, New York State Police and New York State Parks Police.State parks police alleged Peterkin raped a woman who was walking in Valley Stream State Park on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 1.Nassau police later said that a suspect fitting the same description may have tried to rape two other women in Lynbrook and Valley Stream three weeks prior.Nassau authorities charged the suspect with attempted sexual abuse in the other Valley Stream case in which he allegedly grabbed a 30-year-old woman from behind, pushed her to the ground, punched her in the face and tried to rip off her clothes on the night of Aug. 12.That victim fought off the suspect, who fled the scene on his bicycle.Authorities plan to discuss the case at a press conference scheduled for Monday afternoon.last_img read more

Old Route 17 Bridge to be closed for months

first_imgBroome County Officials say the construction is expected to be complete on November 12. Beginning Monday, the bridge will undergo construction and will eventually be replaced. TOWN OF SANFORD (WBNG) — Those who use the Old Route 17 Bridge in the town of Sanford will need to find an alternative route.center_img They say detour signs will be posted for alternative routes.last_img

Green Valamar is much more than a socially responsible business. It is the value, promise and business philosophy of the brand

first_imgImagine that each of the 1000 newly planted trees is planted by the hotel guests themselves. Thus, the family spends one day outdoors, in nature and with joint efforts, and they specifically participate in this action. Each tree can be marked with “cardboard – ecological paper” with the family name and date. So through a concrete action, not like on social networks, each guest contributed to the protection of nature – with a concrete action, he left a part of himself in the destination, spent quality time with a family he will never forget and will watch every year the tree grows. Phenomenal positioning on a conscious and unconscious level. It’s the power of emotion, it’s today’s modern marketing. Zeleni Valamar is one of the nine umbrella programs of the company’s socially responsible business, within which activities in the field of environmental protection are systematically carried out and in which almost HRK 100 million has been invested in the previous three years. Attachment: VALAMAR PLANS TO PLANT 1.000 TREES ANNUALLY WITH A NEW INITIATIVE In Valamar, 96% of accommodation units have the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate, and six camps have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. “The implementation of a number of initiatives within the Green Valamar program aims to emphasize the importance of sustainable tourism development and care for the environment as an indispensable criterion for creating new value and long-term quality of the tourist offer.”They point out from Valamar. Valamar’s nine umbrella programs for corporate social responsibility Valamar procures 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. A great example of leadership, because being a leader also means pushing the whole system forward with your example. Leadership in a burst, first by example, as it should be, not just on paper. An ad that “sells” such values ​​is a new step forward and a step forward in promotion, not selling a hotel and a bed. Sell ​​me a story (true story – emotions, experience), not a product. Well done to Valamar, take the road and show us the way. You have something to brag about and show off. The values ​​that are an integral part of the business philosophy and that you live by. Namely, as his wife told me at the time, her husband worked constantly as a successful doctor in the hospital, he was never or very rarely at home, and he almost never had time to spend time with his family, especially with his children. And he also hadn’t been on vacation with his family for years. Until that year, when they finally spent the summer in Croatia as families. It was this banal animated water polo tournament that afforded him quality time with his son. A moment that is more valuable to him than all the diplomas in his career. And that’s why he put it on his wall of pride, because it was that little animation degree that reminds him of the moment he spent with his son and family. That image and moment remained in my lasting memory and a reminder that gave me a sense of the animator’s future work. Wow that talks, right? And all thanks to one worthless animation degree. So this “cardboard” on every planted tree has a terrible value and message. I would like to further emphasize the word through one personal anecdote – he spent quality time with his family. Although Valamar, in my opinion, brags too little about responsible business policy, because that is exactly what modern marketing does today. It is not about selling fog, but about the values ​​they live by and according to which they act concretely. It is the concrete value, promise and strength of the brand. As concrete green steps within the company, to reduce their environmental impressions, as well as concrete actions aimed at improving the society and the destination in which they operate. Today, more than ever, ecology and green business are imperative, and that is what guests are looking for (they will ask for more) and will therefore choose the companies in which to stay. For a long time now, global brands no longer sell products, but emotions and experiences, including tourism. Thus, over 1000 trees and more than 50.000 different seedlings such as tall shrubs and perennials have already been planted in 2019 in Valamar hotels, resorts and camps. The current plant fund of Valamar on a total area of ​​589 ha from Istria to Dubrovnik consists of 30.000 trees. Also, two years ago, Valamar completely eliminated plastic straws from use in its hotels and camps.center_img And when it comes to the use of electricity from renewable sources, this is not news for Valamar, in fact, but only a continuation of the development policy because from the largest tourist company in Croatia, for the sixth year in a row are HEP ZelEn (HEP hydropower plant) certificates , this means that 100 percent of the electricity used in hotels and camps is provided from renewable sources. PLASTIC STRAWS DECOMPOSE AS MUCH AS 500 YEARS, SO VALAMAR RIVIERA DISPOSES OF PLASTIC STRAWS OUT OF USE Cover photo: Valamar Well, back to Valamar. One of Valamar’s ecological actions was cleaning the seabed – I love the Adriatic Sea. Imagine that guests who are otherwise engaged in diving, in cooperation with the diving club in action, emerge garbage from the sea and leave one object of garbage to themselves as an eternal reminder (souvenir) of the day. Garbage as such has no value, nor does a diploma, but when we add a narrative to it it becomes a valuable symbol. Green Valamar is much more than a socially responsible business program. He is a value, business philosophy and currency that is increasingly sought after. Whatever they think about Valamar, they have the facts behind them, and that is that in 2019 alone, they invested 129 million kuna in CSR’s umbrella programs. Procurement of electricity from renewable sources and other energy efficiency and sustainability measures over the past few years have reduced total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70 percent.  Valamar Riviera has developed nine umbrella corporate social responsibility programs, in which it invests minimally 2,5 place their annual income. In 2019, investments were made in these umbrella programs 5,8 place income, respectively HRK 129 million. One of the most famous actions is certainly last year’s Valamar initiative “1.000 Valamar trees”, otherwise the largest green initiative of this type in Croatian tourism, in which Valamar plants at least a thousand new trees a year in its destinations along the Adriatic coast. This largest green initiative in Croatian tourism emphasizes the importance of sustainable tourism development This year, Valamar successfully implemented a project aimed at increasing energy efficiency and ending the use of heating oil in the Corinthia Baška hotel complex on Krk, with a total value of as much as HRK 10,6 million, co-financed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy. By the way, I had my first contact with tourism at the age of 16,5 when I started working as an animator. As part of the afternoon animation program, there was always some sports activity for guests, ie families, one of which was water polo in the hotel pool for guests. Two small goals were placed on half of the pool on each side and the guests were divided into groups and water polo was played through the entertainment (animation water polo for entertainment purposes, not a real tournament). At the end of the “tournament” we awarded diplomas for all couples and handwritten the names of the teams or the family name as well as a symbolic prize for first place. Nothing special. But the following year, an elderly woman from Germany approaches me, thanks me, and shows me a picture of her husband sitting in his office. At first it was not clear to me why she was showing me a picture of her husband, but when she gave me a narrative or a story with the picture (the power of storytelling with a photo / example Rob Walker and his eBay story SignificantObjects ) I got chills and then discovered my philosophy of tourism (tourism is emotions, experience and stories). Namely, her husband was then one of the three best doctors in Germany, and in his office behind a desk on the wall he had hundreds of various professional diplomas, recognitions and certificates as a result of his work and business success. But in the middle of the wall, among all those accolades, he had framed our animation degree in water polo as well! !! !! last_img read more

China sentences Australian to death in fresh blow to relations

first_img China’s foreign ministry said on Sunday capital punishment was suitable for drug crimes that cause serious harm.”China law stipulates that the law must be equally applied to everyone who commits a crime. China judicial institutions handle the cases of criminals of all nationalities according to the law,” said the ministry in a faxed reply to Reuters.Attempts to reach Gillespie’s family were unsuccessful.”We are deeply saddened to hear of the verdict made in his case,” the Australian foreign affairs department said in an emailed statement to Reuters. An Australian man has been sentenced to death in China, authorities said on Saturday, a development that could further escalate tensions between the two countries.Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it was providing consular assistance to the man, without identifying him.Australian and Chinese media have identified the man as Cam Gillespie, arrested seven years ago on charges of drug trafficking in southern China. Topics :center_img “Australia opposes the death penalty, in all circumstances for all people. We support the universal abolition of the death penalty and are committed to pursuing this goal through all the avenues available to us.”Cam Gillespie was arrested in 2013 with more than 7.5 kg (17 pounds) of methamphetamine in his check-in luggage while attempting to board an international flight from Baiyun Airport in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, according to several media reports.Diplomatic tensions between Beijing and Canberra have worsened since Australia called for an international inquiry into the source and spread of the new coronavirus, which emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.China has in recent weeks banned Australian beef imports and imposed tariffs on Australian barley. It has also urged Chinese tourists to avoid Australia.The death sentence for drug smuggling is not uncommon in China, where executions are usually carried out by firing squad.Last year, the country sentenced two Canadians to death for drug-related crimes following the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou and said it was “not worried in the slightest” by mounting international concern over the verdict. last_img read more