Share the successful experience of making money online

    editor’s note below is a network often deceptive so-called Internet surfing is just to make money, cheat small Internet friends, but after several years of literary temper, but so to delete, retained, we do other aspects of promotion, may be used.

  the following is my personal experience, I swear by personality, every word is true. Please read patiently!
        now I am still in college, school last year this time soon, I wish to have a new computer on its own, but also opened a broadband in the dormitory, so I began to crazy bubble net, but in January I was aware of their Internet spending a threat to the life! And then started my online part-time money making history. After the word search know Wangzhuan, there are 3 kinds of
  the second is another matter): free registration such as a NEWSBAR member, when the Internet opened his client software, it will pay you the so-called click advertising, and the website allows you to do the investigation for registration. One by one, for example, the NEWSBAR class called surfing Wangzhuan, I do, not what benefits, one day I spent 12 hours continuous income points worth 1 yuan of money, not to mention a few minutes to re login, click save, annoying; and do the investigation, who registered the opportunity is not often, money is very little. I began to consider
third " 58 " interactive network; Wangzhuan, everyone is a so-called MLM network " ".
          then I spent two days after the 58 interactive Wangzhuan content and thought, I realized that this is likely to be the opportunity! So the heart a horizontal exchange of 80 dollars, I opened a proxy site and start my new career wangzhuan. But half a month down, I just pulled a downline, got a few dollars of advertising costs, agents of the goods did not sell out. You are not making life back, nervous. He had to give up Wangzhuan, suspend the broadband, go out and play work, work is not really easy, by suffering and poverty, involvement, somehow survived. I can go back to the Spring Festival on the Internet, and registered the adventure island play > read more

The blog to make money and the new tactics to experience advertising products to write about

Bloggers make money and add a new way. Reporters learned yesterday, the domestic blog interactive portal blog blog network to try to make the first experience of the owner of the product, and then use the experience to write in the blog. This is the blog network launched the "blog gold line" system, the realization of personal blog advertising is divided into the domestic web site for the benefit of the author to explore another blog.

by advertisers to provide their products for the signing of the blog first experience, followed by the product experience and feelings to write in the blog. In this model, the advertisers to enhance the brand value through the word of mouth effect; the author of the blog access to the right to use the product and other incentives; and blog advertising alliance companies will profit.
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Baidu space will be on line in July 13th

        PConline Beijing on June 26th news according to the intelligence / horse Baidu sources, Baidu will launch personal application products "Baidu space in July 13th". Some analysts believe that Baidu move or will threaten many Chinese blog service site.

When the

from the new Baidu community space, launched in July

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Tai Chi Alliance love data delay

respected Webmaster:

love advertising in January 18th, January 19th and January 20th part of the website data problems, currently we are actively looking for reasons, will solve the problem as soon as possible, the three day data will not give timely feedback to the webmaster, so to bring you all the inconvenience we apologize.


update time: 2008-1-21

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Using the nternet to make money is not simple

for the network to make money, we are not strangers. Since the network has "started, there is the Internet to make money, when a web page can sell a high price, a dynamic website on the yuan, because very little of that time will be the site of the. After the site of the people more and more, the website is more and more cheap, so make money online and open up a new way.

current network to make money mainly in the following forms:

1, do network part-time, such as typing, posting, etc.. The most popular is the current witkey. read more

The 3 venture Jiang Hui reflect tuyere venture deeper pit

Jiang Hui, 86 years old, Jiangsu Nanjing venture. 2007 at the age of four, see Focus Media hot, follow the trend to do a video network advertising, get 3 million investment. Softbank CDH counterparts have got listed, threatened by its acquisition, we expect the speculation. But later proved that the network advertising business model is a problem, 09 years together with the collapse of the two companies.

2009 study of the Internet, the end of the Internet to do online education, profit 1 million in 2010, nearly 10 million in sales in 2011, but the product aging, new products did not keep up with the decline in profits. Company sales in early 2012. read more

How to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees

Through the past two years to the Japanese side to do the software, I deeply understand that if some of our IT industry does not change the current management model, then meet it can only be eliminated.

is perhaps the boss’s consciousness is not strong, perhaps their consciousness is weak, a boss’s awareness is strong, we can only see him is only the immediate interests, or look to the future.

now I will according to oneself in the process of project management to improve the enthusiasm of all people, hope the manager responsible for the project or project to be helpful. read more

Taobao shop how clever marketing forum

each shop platform has its own community, the community brings together many sellers, sellers can apply for advertising in the community, the community forum can also express their views and share their successful experience and looking for potential buyers, can also participate in various community activities, which is the effective method to promote the store.

forum posting

four platform shop has its own consumer community, and has rich community functions, these communities become consumer communication places, but also provides a good platform for the promotion of shops and goods sellers. read more

Key words to optimize the dark horse let my station earn 100 thousand RMB

who let my industry website earned 100 thousand RMB month, this is a lot of webmaster want to know.

N a month ago, my station is basically out of Chi empty state, which makes me very headache, so I have no way to look up in front of many owners, said my station operation for a long time, not what the big reward, not to return, I have been talking about not just smiled the saliva flying, ignore me, because I believe that my choice is absolutely right, since I chose the webmaster in this industry, I want to all I had to do everything, be responsible for all the responsibilities and obligations, but some time I really want to own the station off but, think, the few members still pay attention to my station, I was determined to do down, bite the bullet. read more

Google Adsense to adjust to improve the quality of web pages

today, the news release, said the Google Adsense policy has been adjusted. There are two specific changes worthy of attention.

1. asked to publish this to improve the quality of the page.

2. can add more links to.

1 Google now requires Adsense publisher compliance "quality wizard spirit to do a website, which is similar to the Adwors Publishing Wizard, so that users get a better experience, easy Adsense content. This requirement is not mandatory.

2, Google allows Adsense users to place 3 link units on a web page instead of the previous 1 link units, which will be more conducive to Adsense users to get revenue. read more