Play CEO Li Xueling the product has broad and profound soul is difficult to copy

after 7 years of hard work, Li Xueling started to play more games (officially renamed in June 2012 for the celebrations of the times) has been valued at more than $1 billion, which is the main voice / it’s said to have 350 million registered users of video instant messaging platform, YY voice. "Don’t rely on the YY voice card does not delay the" seven words "canon", has occupied 70% of the share game voice communication market. Even if the communication products, YY language why in the face of a strong QQ 350 million users accumulated Li Xueling super product manager is how to think about the product, research customers read more

Publicity easy free release wisdom platform Price of 52 5 yuan 1000P

Amoy wisdom network, free publishing platform to promote wisdom! Welcome to training, consulting companies, design, lawyers, accountants of the site! Price of 52.5 yuan /1000IP!

more information as in the League:
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Prevention of online transactions cheated money fast

      "Wangzhuan" a few years ago or a new word but now seems to sell pancakes the old lady knows, and hides all kinds of fraud in the network. I paid a heavy price for it.
          a few days ago, through QQ contact to a business, the reward is 2000   . After the completion of the customer request to use quick money to pay, because the fast money is a well-known network company, so it is not considered willing to promise. Fast money is good, after the customer hit the money I received a message inside the station read more

Some views on the personal standing in the commercial station

guide after graduation began to engage in the Internet industry, previously mainly to do the sales of network products, learning some of the network marketing, in this period of time, for the current site, summed up some of their own experience.

                now the website, website and personal website is divided into commercial enterprises, commercial station is often through the investment of enterprises, a portal or other industry, as a business investment behavior, for the purpose of profit, the biggest characteristic of business the station is by its resources as a starting point, has a mature profit pattern and perfect team. read more

Easy to do guest making money every day

Ali Mama, focused on the introduction of the Amoy activities, attracted numerous owners, but in the end how to do the guest, let’s look at a post: this post is Ali mother forum popularity over twenty thousand posts, from October until now has not been under the sink, the following is the full text:

guest: Oh, every day to earn money, cool

Every day my mom

have income, the heart is still sound great!

share some experience with you

. Do guest, there are a few taboo

(1) do not just look at the Commission, only to find that the Commission is high, do not think that the Commission is very high, earn a lot, it is quite possible that the goods is much higher than other similar products of the price, you said that who will buy expensive things. read more

P2P on demand client is a piece of money to make money

most of the video sharing site under the pressure of poor cost and revenue have turned to P2P, it seems that UGC is a foregone conclusion stage. Fast, high-definition, genuine, is becoming a new synonym for online video, if combined with mobile applications such as multi platform marketing model, P2P on-demand client will be expected to play a new protagonist.

recently, P2P client demand operators, the popular online CEO Luo Jiangchun said that the popularity of profit will achieve the next year, he believes that with the popularity of P2P in size on demand client users first, and the world’s largest video on demand platform advantages, to achieve the initial goal is not the problem. It is understood that the popularity of the user has now more than 60 million monthly video patch advertising revenue has reached one million, next year will also increase investment in copyright purchase. Therefore, the industry generally P2P client demand is full of confidence, quite a big battle. read more

Explore the possibility of mobile medical goals need not be too long

before the smart mobile phone penetration, mobile phone and mobile phone is probably the biggest relationship between medical radiation healthy people have much influence, but with the mobile phone functions, the release of a variety of medical applications, so that now mobile phone can also be another kind of protection of health and health care should be used is already one of the application areas are the most the prospect of the Lei Feng laboratory, to explore the possibilities of mobile medical. read more

Monroe the only Christmas media spree launched it

to thank all users for the support of Monroe, is the introduction of 1 yuan to experience the event of surprise, where the activities of the purchase of goods in the full range of $50 users, you can experience the price of 1 yuan to buy goods!!

is popular in Japan and the United States the value of waist is RMB 128, now the package price is only 1 yuan

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Gobi media alliance youth entrepreneurship brewing new war in Chibi

Chibi, a magnificent name, a pregnant magical land, before 1800 of the "Chibi war", how many heroes on the run. Today, Chibi June 12, 2014, Chibi city is still a galaxy of talents, Young Entrepreneurs Association was formally established, 42 elite members throughout all areas of society.

youth, is the most suitable for entrepreneurial groups, they have endless enthusiasm, and the courage to pursue persistent pursuit of the dream. Chibi City Chamber of Commerce to support young entrepreneurs, youth entrepreneurship, through Youth Entrepreneurship Forum and youth entrepreneurship trading platform two major projects, "three condensed wisdom", give advice and suggestions for the entrepreneur to reproduce the "battle of Chibi" brilliant event. read more

When low income grassroots webmaster 180 thousand month Taobao encountered the shop

Hello, I am wild stock or floating clouds. It is not the first time that I have published an article here. More is published on August 2nd in the webmaster nets article "when the meager income grassroots webmaster met on the month to earn 180 thousand of Taobao shop" is also to do some data correction and supplement. Before the publication of this article, I asked many webmaster friends to find relevant data, some ideas exchange money do now. Of course, there are a number of leading to the truth of the suspect, or even slander my body. The reason for these results is partly because when I first send the article to estimate data only stay in the surface, not to understand the truth of the project itself. read more