Don’t let IT blind you with science

first_imgDavid Taylor offers guidance on putting in place a company e-mail policythat is fair to everybody If some IT leaders are to be believed, to succeed in e-business we have tounderstand the technology, be up to date with the latest acronyms, and scatterthem around like confetti at meetings and in e-mails. That’s absolute rubbish.The Industry Standard discovered that acronyms are not understood by half ofthe people who use them, let alone those who hear them. This is preventing manybusiness and HR leaders from taking the lead in e-initiatives because techiesintimidate them. Don’t let them. An HR director told me that he dare not venture into his IT departmentagain. On his first visit, he asked what Linux was. The explanation wasprovided – however, it was done so in such a jargon-ridden, patronising,”isn’t this all rather too obvious” way that he made a quick exit. Outside the IT department, who needs to know, or care, what Linux is? It isIT’s job to guide HR on the choice of technology. Organisations must focus onwhat the technology does, not what the technology is. As HR leaders, we can set simple principles for e-communications, often justby asking the right questions at the right time, such as: Does our organisation speak in English? A self-defence mechanism of many IT, marketing and finance people is tosuddenly start talking like Bill and Ben. Next time someone uses a strangeword, ask politely what it means. Are we focusing on the business issue here? What is the specific outcome from this e-project. If people focus on thetechnology, ring those warning bells. Ask people in the project team what theyare going to deliver, and don’t accept generalities such as “making surethis company gets to grips with e-business”. Are all e-projects owned by business people, and not techies? There is no such thing as an “IT project” – every project must beowned on behalf of the company, and ideally not by anyone in the IT department.By the way, progressive IT directors agree with this view. Are e-projects clear on bottom-line benefits? Forget the hype and promises. What is the increased revenue, or profit,resulting from each and every e-initiative? Ask the question, “what is thereal, specific and measurable benefit this project will deliver?” Which is more important in this project – technology or people? If it’s people, fine, and it has to be, every time. Every e-business project must be treated like any business project and HRprofessionals can take the lead in many of them to ensure certain goals areachieved. There is nothing unique about e-business projects. They must beapproached with the same focus as any other company project. They must beclearly aligned with goals, and strategy, and everyone involved must know therole they play, and the bigger picture. HR leaders can take on a powerful role, not of ownership and power, but asfacilitators, bringing together the key people, teams and departments. That isthe route to success, and don’t let anyone stop you. E-business, Internet technology and new sexy acronyms may be dominating ourstrategy plans and thoughts for the future, however those involved will stillbe judged on delivery, delivery and delivery. It is time to move above andbeyond technology, and ensure that all of our projects have people, outcomesand plain English at their very heart. After all, if you can’t understand what isgoing on, what chance your customers? Comments are closed. Don’t let IT blind you with scienceOn 9 May 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Study weighs up value of exercise for knee pains

first_imgStudy weighs up value of exercise for knee painsOn 1 Oct 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Academics in Nottingham are carrying out a study of up to 400 overweight andobese people to find out if losing weight and exercise will help reduce kneepain. University of Nottingham epidemiologist Dr Ken Muir, who is leading thestudy, has been awarded a grant of £430,000 by the charity Arthritis ResearchCampaign (Arc) to run the trial. The volunteers for the four-year study were recruited last month from GPsurgeries and, if it can be proved weight loss and exercise are beneficial inreducing knee pain, a substantial amount of NHS cash could be saved in kneereplacement surgery and drugs, said arc. Muir said he believed obesity was the main risk factor for developingosteoarthritis of the knee. Between a quarter and a half of all kneeosteoarthritis might be prevented by eliminating obesity, he added. One group will undergo a weight loss programme, with the other given advicefrom an Arc booklet. Half of both groups will be given an exercise programme to strengthen thequadricep muscles in their knees, which will involve stretching, walking up anddownstairs and walking outdoors. They will also be expected to reduce their snacking habits and portion sizesand cut down the fat in their diet. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

IMPD Officer Was Qualified As An Expert In Stalking Case

first_imgIMPD Officer Was Qualified As An Expert In Stalking CaseOlivia Covington for www.theindianalawyer.comAn Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department sergeant was qualified as an expert to testify about Facebook records and digital trails that led to a man’s multiple convictions for felony stalking, the Indiana Court of Appeals decided Friday.In 2012, Christopher Johnston met D.K. and began contacting her via phone calls, texts and social media for three years. After Johnston did not comply with her requests to stop contacting her, D.K. took out a protective order against Johnston in 2014.Johnston was arrested in 2015 after going to D.K.’s home and claimed he did not know D.K. A month later, Johnston returned to the home, so D.K. called the police. He was later arrested and charged with Levels 5 and 6 felony stalking for going to D.K.’s home and sending her texts and Facebook messages in 2013 and 2014, as well as two counts of Class A misdemeanor invasion of privacy.During trial, the state presented IMPD Sgt. Steven Schafer as an expert in forensic analysis. Johnston objected to Schafer’s qualifications, but the Marion Superior Court overruled the objection. Schafer testified that there were multiple Facebook accounts believed to be Johnston’s aliases because they were all associated with Internet cookies attached to the same device and used the same IP address.Schafer further testified that the likelihood of multiple people using the same device and same IP address to contact D.K. with similar messages was less than “being struck by lightning while hitting the lotto and being bitten by a polar bear at the same time.” Johnston was found guilty on all counts, but the court did not enter judgment on the invasion of privacy counts.Johnston then appealed in Christopher Johnston v. State of Indiana, 49A04-1603-CR-543, once again arguing that Schafer was not qualified as an expert witness because he works in “a field of study which is highly technical and therefore susceptible to misunderstanding, confusion, and error” and because he did not have the requisite training in statistics to form a valid opinion about the probability of an event.But Judge Melissa May, writing for the unanimous panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals, noted that the state did not present Schafer as an expert in statistics, but instead as an expert in forensic analysis of social media records and digital trails. Further, Schafer testified that he had been trained and done extensive work analyzing social media accounts, so admitting him as an expert witness was not an abuse of discretion, May wrote.Similarly, Johnston also argued that the trial court committed fundamental error in allowing Schafer to give the “polar bear analogy” about statistical probability.  But May wrote that Johnston’s fundamental error argument failed because he could not meet the applicable standard to demonstrate that “the record reveals a clearly blatant violation of basic and elementary principles, where the harm or potential for harm cannot be denied, and when the violation is so prejudicial to the rights of the defendant as to make a fair trial impossible.”FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Upmarket in Upminster

first_imgWhere do you go for the taste of authentic Parisian artisanal bread? Middlesex would not be many people’s number-two destination on this front. But in Upminster, you will find a self-proclaimed sourdough “mini revolution” under way. (Any sightings of Frenchmen roaming the countryside wielding their baguettes in an aggressive manner are purely coincidental.)Wholesale baker Boulangerie de Paris is the brainchild of Amar Chibane, who has spent the last 11 years training and baking, with tutelage under a master baker in Paris, as well as work in London. “I’m not really pretentious, but I’ve taken all the knowledge I need from Paris, learning every day, day after day, and my experience has improved. I have a lot of ambition here in London to explain my little revolution in bread, which is the philosophy of Boulangerie de Paris – to change people.”Now he wants to be the baker of choice for the capital’s top restaurants. The breads have a minimum eight-hour fermentation for each piece, which are made using organic French flours, some stoneground; all water used is filtered.With a 30-strong list of sourdoughs, isn’t that a nightmare to manage daily? “Not at all. When you have good organisation, it is nothing,” he shrugs. He even insists the process doesn’t have to hit the price tag: the bakery’s launch price list included an 800g rye raisin loaf at a bargain £2.10.”I am not going into business to make lots of money,” he reasons. “If I wanted that, I’d open a small shop in London.” And he’s not going to be shipping French reserves over to fill the skills gaps – the idea is to train people up and spread the word. “If you are motivated to learn, then I say, ’Come, my friend, and you will work and you will learn’.”—-=== Going it alone ===The business: Boulangerie de Paris, 26 Riverside Way, Uxbridge UB8 2YFOwnership: three partners, with the bakery run by Amar ChibaneBrief: to be the number one bread supplier into top London restaurants, with the likes of Bacchus and Sketch already signed upCost of start-up: £100,000Biggest outlay: a Spanish-made wood-fired oven at E50,000 (£39,733). “The bread takes the calcium and magnesium from the wood,” says Chibane. “It makes a difference with the colour of the bread and a really thin crust. The taste is totally beautiful.”Other kit: a spiral mixer will raise the temperature of the sourdough, but the slow-motion Axe Oblique mixer keeps it closer to 24?C, which Chibane claims is the ideal temperature. “If you are working a sourdough with a spiral mixer, it is pointless, because you will kill your sourdough.”Breads: 100% sourdough baguettes, fruit and nut breads, rye and French/Italian speciality breads. One of the most requested loaves in the UK has been a Fig Campagne, made with organic figsCapacity: “The biggest fear from customers is that our bread is so good,” says partner Fouahde Belaid, “that we’ll end up making much more bread and lose the quality; but we’ve pledged we won’t make more than 2,000 pieces a day. If we do grow we’ll have to be sure we’ll keep the quality. Otherwise, we’ll stay small and open a shop.”Contact: 07882 164860—-=== The pros and cons ===Niggling headachesPutting together the marketing materials: “I am only 26 years old, and I am very passionate. But it is really hard for me because my English is really bad! My business partner works in PR – he got on the phone and delivered samples and we had 20 restaurants taking our bread straight away. We’re staying really focused about the organisation, and we’re growing bit by bit, step by step, because I want to keep this quality of bread.”Grand ambitionsInstigating a revolution: “I want to take fresh bread to the people. With a lot of bread in London, you think it’s fresh but it’s frozen. I want a mini-revolution. Because I really love my job, I’m a proper baker, I take these breads home and I break my teeth – it makes me upset! I really want to explain my philosophy, to scream it!”last_img read more

Press release: Global problems to be tackled by UK from Space

first_imgThis package of space-based solutions will tackle problems such as illegal deforestation, disaster response and food production.The new register of specialist products and services delivered by UK space organisations and funded by UK aid, includes innovative ways to tackle issues in agriculture, health and energy with Ghana being one of the beneficiary African countries.It provides international governments, donors, Non-Governmental Organisations and companies, with information on cost-effective ways to help development goals.Dr Graham Turnock, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, said:“The UK space sector makes a real impact on the lives of people all over the world. For the first time this directory provides a global platform to showcase UK expertise in using space to support sustainable development. This ‘one-stop shop’ offers innovative and cost-effective solutions to some of the major problems faced by developing countries and emerging economies”.The solutions in the new catalogue of services are drawn from the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme, the largest of its kind in the world, which is already working in more than 30 countries across Africa, Asia and South America.The £152 million programme uses UK expertise to benefit communities in developing and emerging economies, while building effective partnerships that can lead to growth and opportunities for the UK’s thriving space sector. It is an example of how UK development spending can tackle serious global challenges and advance common interests.For further details, contact the UK Space Agency Communications Team on +44 7584 618 269 or email: [email protected]last_img read more

Official Statistics: REACT-1 study of coronavirus transmission: September 2020 results

first_imgREACT-1 is the largest population surveillance study being undertaken in England that examines the prevalence of the virus causing COVID-19 in the general population. It uses test results and feedback from over 150,000 participants each month.The study focuses on national, regional and local areas, as well as age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic factors, employment type, contact with known cases, symptoms and other factors.The findings will provide the government with a better understanding of the virus’s transmission and the risks associated with different population subgroups throughout England. This will inform government policies to protect health and save lives.Read the pre-print version of this reportRead the press notice accompanying these findingslast_img read more

Follow Camping World Truck race live, 2 p.m. ET

first_imgCamping World Truck race live leaderboard from Iowa, 2 p.m. ET, Sunday, Sept. 8 READ: Busch’s big dreams pay off WATCH: Bowyer’s spin raises eyebrows READ: Gordon comes up short for Chasecenter_img READ: The Chase explained MORE:last_img

Brazil Launches War On Crack

first_imgBy Dialogo May 24, 2010 President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva unveiled a national war on crack cocaine, a drug that is increasingly causing addiction, health problems and crime in Brazilian cities and towns. “We are going to find a way to play tough in the fight against crack,” Lula told a meeting of mayors in Brasilia. He said more than 200 million dollars would be spent on an anti-drugs plan to reinforce health services, social assistants, Church-sponsored programs and social organizations tackling the issue. Brazil will also step up anti-narcotics checks along its vast borders with other South American nations. Lula said the drug was being used mostly by the poor living on the outskirts of cities and towns. “What is most serious is that it is deadly, it’s cheap, anybody can be a user and it has a devastating effect,” he said. Crack is typically made from a paste of unprocessed cocaine mixed with chemical additives, often paraffin, benzine, ether or sulfuric acid. It creates high levels of dependency and ravages the health of addicts. Officials said crack had not yet become a big criminal industry in Brazil — a fact which created its own problem in efforts to stamp it out. “At least in Brazil there are no big dealers. They are basically small-time. The drug is scattered everywhere, which makes it difficult to fight,” Justice Minister Luiz Paulo Barreto said.last_img read more

100 days ahead of vote, faltering Trump banks on ‘silent majority’

first_imgPresident Donald Trump mounted a strident defense Sunday of his wavering reelection bid with 100 days to go in a campaign that has seen him underwater in the polls — and banking on the “silent majority” he vowed will bring him victory. The 74-year-old Republican has struggled on numerous fronts, facing mounting criticism over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting economic pain, and failing to land punches on his opponent, Joe Biden.In the latest blow to his hopes of returning to the White House after November 3, polls released Sunday showed his support cratering in three critical battleground states.  With the coronavirus killing more than 1,000 Americans a day, the president — who is at his best soaking up the adulation of supporters at live events — has been forced to cancel his rallies and ditch the Republican convention in Florida next month. ShortcomingsThe pandemic, which has infected 4.2 million Americans and killed almost 150,000, is ravaging the US economy and — with the outbreak largely under control in Europe and Asia — has highlighted the shortcomings of the US response.The president has also lost support over his handling of historic uprisings against racism and police brutality, angering local communities with incendiary rhetoric and a pledge to “surge” federal agents into numerous major US cities.That all is not well in Team Trump’s misfiring reelection bid was perhaps most evident in the president’s recent demotion of bravado campaign manager Brad Parscale.With overall approval ratings permanently stuck in the low 40 percent range, he is the first president to seek reelection after impeachment.Trump is offering a vision of chaos under his opponent, in which Biden’s desire to “abolish the American Way of Life” would turn US cities into crime-infested wastelands.But he has largely failed to expand his fervently loyal base with a pitch that boils down to claiming Biden will have Americans “cowering to radical left-wing mobs.”On Sunday, Trump also tweeted his oft-repeated complaint that mail-in voting will corrupt the election “& everyone knows it,” despite there being no evidence of fraud during such voting in previous elections, nor that it would be a factor in November.New polling of registered voters from three swing states released Sunday showed Trump trailing badly.In Florida, the president garnered 46 percent support against 51 percent for Biden — while in Arizona, the challenger was four points ahead, with 49 percent. “The Trump Campaign has more ENTHUSIASM, according to many, than any campaign in the history of our great Country — Even more than 2016,” Trump thundered on Twitter.”Biden has NONE! The Silent Majority will speak on NOVEMBER THIRD!!! Fake Suppression Polls & Fake News will not save the Radical Left.”Trump’s 77-year-old Democratic rival Biden, who says he is fighting for “the soul of America,” implored voters to make Trump a one-term president.”In 100 days, we have the chance to set our nation on a new path. One where we finally live up to our highest ideals and everyone has a fair shot at success,” he tweeted.center_img ‘Divisiveness and dysfunction’ In Michigan, Biden’s lead stands at 52 percent to 40 percent — a larger lead than the RealClearPolitics average of recent national polls, which puts the former vice president ahead by 8.7 points.Trump carried all three states in 2016, although he won Michigan by fewer than 11,000 votes. Meanwhile, Biden is running an unprecedented campaign from his Delaware home, with no rallies, few news conferences and the space to sit back and watch Trump lurch ever deeper into trouble.But the president is keen to remind those who discount him that, despite grim polling in 2016, he comfortably beat all comers for the nomination before defeating Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.Maryland’s Republican governor Larry Hogan, who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 and is seen as a potential candidate in 2024, told CNN on Sunday he was unlikely to endorse the president this time around.”The election is 100 days away. I think early voting starts in 60 days or less. We’re getting very close for the American people to make that decision,” he said.”I think, quite frankly, a lot of people like me are frustrated with the divisiveness and dysfunction on both sides and don’t feel like we have two great choices.” Topics :last_img read more

Lunch at DEXIA’s International Food Fair from Oct 29th

first_imgThe Roseau Market Authority will host its first ever “International Food Fair (IFF)” at the Roseau Market from October 30th to November 1st 2019, and will be celebrated under the theme “Think Global, Eat Local.”According to Roseau Market Superintendent, Kishma Registe, the 3-day event was conceptualised because “DEXIA wanted an activity showcasing cuisine and use of local items in food,” she says.“An internal committee came up with the theme and the overall concept which focuses on both local and international cuisine. Though we want to highlight local dishes, we included international flavours and involved persons living in Dominica from other cultures.”Each day is themed to particular foods.Day One features breadfruit and cassava, while, Day Two highlights banana and plantain. On the final day, patrons will experience a range of international dishes prepared by persons of different nationalities living in Dominica including, French, Italian,Ethiopian, Nigerian, Chinese, and Caribbean (Haitian, Jamaican, Trinidadian etc.).The official opening ceremony is scheduled for 10:00am Wednesday October 30th. The International Food Fair will start at 11:30 am each day and end at 3pm.“We are encouraging persons to replace one of their lunches with meals from the IFF,” says Registe.“Come during your lunch break, take a walk to the Market and enjoy our local and international creations.Traditional music will be played during the International Food Fair and entertainment will also be provided by a local DJ. The public is welcome to attend this historic event. 132 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share LifestyleLocalNews Lunch at DEXIA’s International Food Fair from Oct 29th by: – October 29, 2019center_img Share Share Tweetlast_img read more