Argentina and Chile Conduct Bilateral Exercise on Naval Strategies

first_imgBy Eduardo Szklarz/Diálogo October 19, 2016 A delegation from the Argentine Navy’s Naval War School (ESGN, per its Spanish acronym) participated in the XVIII Bilateral Crisis Games 2016 at the Naval War Academy in Viña del Mar, Chile, from September 5th-9th. The annual exercise is part of the academic cooperation between the two navies and has a rotating venue, switching back and forth between Chile’s Naval War Academy and ESGN. “The idea of these games is to create a forum for discussion on topics of strategy, but always within the academic environment of the two schools,” Captain Gustavo Lioi, ESGN chief of operations and participant in the exercise, said to Diálogo. “There are no binding conclusions. These are academic debate forums on different topics that involve both navies,” he added. The Argentine delegation also included Captain Félix Eugenio Plaza, director of ESGN, Professor Rear Admiral (retired) Julio Alberto Graf, and Captain Claudio Villamide, chief of education. Other participants included Argentines deployed in Chile as part of the Southern Cross Joint and Combined Peace Force, made up of military members from both countries. Chilean Navy Captain Enrique Alvayay, director of the Bilateral Crisis Games, told Diálogo that the initiative aims to strengthen mutual understanding between the Chilean and Argentine navies. “[The goal of the exchange is] to articulate, analyze, and solve problems stemming from international crises, for which, due to their nature, the use of combined naval forces would be a priority with the purpose of increasing our mutual trust and operability within the framework of international security,” he said. Help for a fictitious island The Bilateral Crisis Games are based on mock scenarios in which naval issues, or issues mostly in the naval sphere, are resolved. “This year’s exercise was based on a binational force under a United Nations mandate that was tasked with providing humanitarian aid and peacekeeping on an island,” said Capt. Lioi. The fictitious island was hit by a hurricane that destroyed its electrical infrastructure and roadway system. Taking advantage of the collapse of its central government, other countries were plundering fish species in its maritime waters. Faced with this situation, the United Nations, whose mandate included Chile and Argentina, ordered naval forces to control the plundering in the maritime area and to provide humanitarian aid and assistance for rebuilding on land. “The binational maritime force had to plan the assistance for hurricane victims on land, protection of ships with humanitarian aid, and ways to monitor fishing,” said Capt. Alvayay. “This generated a political and military strategy to resolve interagency issues with the intervention of NGOs and other organizations, because, obviously, the solution to this sort of problem is not military,” added Capt. Lioi. “At the same time, the operational level was resolving the issue of using military force to complete these tasks (humanitarian work on land and ocean monitoring) to assist countries that had requested it.” In fact, Chile and Argentina share similar legislation and perspectives on not interfering in the problems of another country unless there is a United Nations mandate that authorizes it. “We didn’t go to that island of our own accord, but because the government of the island had requested the assistance of the United Nations to reestablish its operating conditions after recognizing that it was in over its head with the collapse of its infrastructure and political capacity,” clarified Capt. Lioi. Mechanics of the exercise The games took place over the course of five days in the Naval War Academy in Viña del Mar. The operational level was working with representatives from the Southern Cross Force in one room, while the strategy- and decision-making level was located in another room. After each work day, the groups came together for a plenary session in which they presented their conclusions and explained how they addressed the different circumstances generated by the direction the games took. The participants met again in their separate rooms to work, resolve their challenges, and present the debates. “On the fifth and final day, there was a final session with general conclusions,” said Capt. Lioi. The importance for Chile and Argentina The Bilateral Crisis Games are relevant at many levels, according to participants. “In a didactic exercise such as this, you theorize about topics that can then be put into practice in terms of doctrinal standards or standards for use of resources,” said Capt. Lioi. “But the games are also important in a much bigger sense. Remember that Argentina and Chile were on the verge of war (in 1978, because of a dispute over the Beagle Channel that was resolved through the mediation of Pope John Paul II),” he added. “In this sense, the systematic work that the two navies are doing is making everything come together in an atmosphere of trust,” emphasized Capt. Lioi. “Working with each other is becoming more and more natural, both in the academic sphere and in the work of the armed forces,” he concluded. Meanwhile, Capt. Alvayay said that exercises such as this allow for increasing mutual knowledge among members of partner navies. “They also allow us to identify the important and unique capacities that the naval forces could make available to civilian authorities to increase international cooperation in areas like disaster relief, protection of marine resources, and maritime security,” concluded Capt. Alvayay.last_img read more

Oceanport Shelves Ex-Commvault Site For Its New School

first_imgDisheartened members of the Oceanport Board of Education announce that they have removed the Crescent Place property from consideration for a new district school on Feb. 21. Photo by Chris RotoloBy Chris Rotolo |OCEANPORT – The former Commvault building at Crescent Place, recently identified as the potential site of a new $30 million complex for students of Oceanport and Sea Bright, has been scrapped from consideration after a surprise unanimous decision by the Board of Education.The announcement was made following a 68-minute, closed-door executive session at a packed public meeting in the Maple Place School’s library on Feb. 21. Concerned residents had come to speak out at the public hearing, filling the venue and spilling out into the lobby.“Based upon our thorough review as a Board of Education of all aspects of this proposed project, at this point we are removing the Crescent Place property from consideration,” said Board President Michelle McMullin.“This is not a win for our children,” McMullin added. “This means they will be in an unfit building for at least another two to three years.”Located at 2 Crescent Place at the Monmouth Park Corporate Center, the 110,000-square-foot building was once the site of Commvault, a data protection firm that opened in Oceanport in 1996. In 2014 the operation moved to a Tinton Falls property at the former Fort Monmouth.The board initially settled on the property at a Jan. 24 meeting, choosing the former Commvault headquarters as the best of three presented options, noting that the site offered the ability to create a more modern facility without interrupting their students’ education during the construction process, as well as ample space to expand if student enrollment increased.Oceanport residents erupted in cheers and applause, some providing a standing ovation, as the Board of Education announced its plans to remove a property at Crescent Place from consideration for a new district school on Feb. 21. Photo by Chris RotoloThough public comments were delayed by the executive session, that did not quell discussion among the more than 120 waiting residents in the library, who voiced their concerns about student transportation, nearby flooding of the Turtle Mill Brook, contaminated soil due to the dumping and storage of chemicals by former inhabitants of the facility – including Perkin-Elmer Corp. and Interdata Inc. – and potential criminal threats.Resident Rob Newland presented a report to the board which he said described 94 criminal acts in the past 20 months at a nearby hotel, some of which allegedly occurred during school hours and when extracurricular activities would be taking place. The transgressions, he said, included drug overdoses, weapons discharge, theft and disorderly persons offenses.Oceanport resident Chris Macioch addresses his neighbors about harassment he has suffered for voicing his opinion in favor of a new district school at the Crescent Place property formerly under consideration for a new district school on Feb. 21. Photo by Chris RotoloBoard of Education member Meghan Walker said she was displeased that Commvault was no longer an option.“I don’t care what you think of me for saying this, but I don’t think this is the right decision,” Walker said to those on hand. “I whole-heartedly believed in Crescent Place. There wasn’t anything that was submitted to us that we did not investigate, and came up with answers that satisfied me.”“I’m not an expert on crime statistics but the people we consulted are. Same with the flooding, same with busing, same with everything else,” Walker added. “It breaks my heart to take this off the table, because in my heart I know it was the most fiscally responsible and forward-looking thing to do. It allowed for expansion. It solved all of our problems as it pertained to parking and ballfields, ADA compliance, fire safety, intruder protection. All of it would have been solved for every student in this district.”The Crescent Place project would have been financed through a $30 million bond over a 30-year period. It was tentatively planned to be on the ballot for a special referendum on Oct. 2, and would have raised taxes significantly for Oceanport residents, and would also have subjected Sea Bright residents to a slight hike.For the past three years, the Board of Education has researched options to upgrade its two schools – Wolf Hill Elementary School and Maple Place School – which serve kindergarten through fourth grade and fifth through eighth grade, respectively.During the proposal presentation on Jan. 24, it was revealed that Wolf Hill Elementary – which is 107 years old – and Maple Place School – which was built in 1966 – both lacked fire-prevention sprinkler systems, as well as intruder protective entrances approved by the Department of Homeland Security, and ADA-compliant features, providing limited security and accessibility to their students.Annamarie Ippolito is a resident and teacher at Wolf Hill Elementary School who supported the board’s decision, and said, despite the conditions of the facilities, she’s ready to continue the search for another option.“Now we do start over and I will sit in that building now for another two years until we find another solution,” Ippolito said. “And again, I ask that you continue to put the students first, as you have. And I thank you for that.”With the former Commvault site now off the table, the board may search for new options, or revisit remaining proposals, one of which included the construction of a brand new Wolf Hill Elementary School next to the current facility at 29 Wolfhill Ave., while making short-term upgrades to Maple Place School that would call for future funding.A second option was to build a two-story structure at Fort Monmouth for pre-K through eighth-grade students, but was shelved because of uncertainties surrounding the bidding process through the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority.“I appreciate that you took into consideration what we had to say, what everyone had to say, and made a decision based on it,” resident Kim Vaughan said to the board. “I think that we have a very good momentum going now. Everyone in our town is engaged. Everyone wants a new school. And now you have us at your disposal. Use us. We will help you.”This article was first published in the March 1-8, 2018 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more

Canucks Drop 3-2 Decision in Shootout to Kings

first_imgLeigh Ramsden lives in Vancouver and is an avid Canucks fan, having been a partial season ticket holder for over 10 years. He’s old enough to have witnessed all three Stanley Cup losses, as such, his prime goal is to remove those scars by seeing a Cup brought to Vancouver. Leigh is Fighting For Stanley’s ( west coast correspondent, and will also blog after all Canuck games for The Nelson Daily.Coming into Tuesday night’s game at Rogers Arena, the Vancouver Canucks knew they had to be better than they were on Sunday night when the Los Angeles area’s other team, the Anaheim Ducks, schooled them.  Unfortunately, this knowledge didn’t help motivate the team, and they eventually lost to the L.A. Kings 3-2 in a shootout.For the second game in a row, the Canucks’ opponent scored first.  As bad as they were on Sunday, their first period tonight was worse, and the Kings broke through at 9:06 of the opening frame as “Mr. Pancake”, Dustin Penner, deflected a Drew Doughty point shot past Canuck netminder Roberto Luongo.  The Kings were absolutely dominant in the opening period, at one point outshooting the Canucks 14-4 before a late Canuck power play evened that statistic up marginally, the period ending with a 15-10 L.A. advantage.The Canucks played slightly better in the final 40 minutes of the game.  Vancouver tied the game up at one early in the second period on a Daniel Sedin power play marker, before Justin Williams catapulted L.A. into the lead late in the period with a power play goal of his own.  The Canucks stuck with it in the third, and David Booth tied the game again at the five-minute mark, as he converted a beautiful feed from Jannik Hansen. Overtime solved nothing, and the Kings bested the Canucks in the shootout as Mike Richards scored the game winner on the Kings’ third shot of the skills competition, roofing a wrist shot over Luongo.The Kings saw solid performances from Penner and Williams, who each had strong games for the visitors.  Kings’ netminder Jonathan Quick was sharp as well, especially in the deciding shootout.This game featured many similarities to Sunday night’s game, the biggest being the lethargy of the Canucks’ group and the top-notch play of Luongo, which kept them in it.  The first ten minutes of the game were brutal from the Canucks’ perspective, and Luongo was in a veritable shooting gallery.  He was equal to the task, making a number of show-stopping saves, some on odd-man rushes, to give the Canucks a chance in this game.  Also similar to Sunday’s game was the fact the Canucks were able to make average players look very good, evidenced by Penner’s strong game. The Canucks were just flat-out outworked as they continue to limp along to the all-star break.CANUCKS’ DEFENSE CONTINUES TO STRUGGLEVancouver’s defense has struggled significantly since Sami Salo was injured against the Bruins.  This trend continued tonight.  The entire six-man unit has had trouble containing the opposing forwards in each game.  Tonight, especially in the first period, the Kings were buzzing around the offensive zone unadulterated, with nary a body on them.  It was like L.A. was moving at twice the speed of the Canucks. Last game, I mentioned the “bottom three” (take your pick from Ballard, Alberts, Rome, and Sulzer) have struggled and this has led to increased pressure on Bieksa, Hamhuis, and Edler.I can’t honestly remember a time I have seen Dan Hamhuis play like he has in the past few games.  He seems unsure of where to go with the puck and has had his troubles moving it effectively.  He and his partner, Bieksa, have been more a liability in recent outings. For his part, Bieksa has been making some bad decisions with the puck and has had a number of bad pinches which have led to odd-man situations.  In addition, all these guys have had a horrible time tying up their checks.  Bieksa allowed dangerous King forward Anze Kopitar a crack at a rebound from right in front of the net in the overtime, while he was laying on the ice!  Luongo was forced to make a good stop to get the team to the shootout.  In the second period, Edler lost his man at the side of the net, who skated out and got another rebound, almost scoring.The team’s defensive struggles do not all lie with the defense corps, however.  It seems the forwards are also struggling with assignments and are not backing up the D when they pinch in an attempt to keep pucks in.  Tonight, this led to at least three odd-man situations against, in the first ten minutes alone.  In addition, they are not giving the defensemen good options on breakouts, which leads to neutral zone turnovers. Tonight, the team had 13 giveaways to the Kings’ three.SOME POSITIVESFor all the doom and gloom surrounding this team and its recent play, I’m going to go contrarian and mention a few positives – it’s too easy to focus on the negatives in a game like this. The Canucks showed some glimmers of hope in final 40 minutes. For one, Booth had another strong game in his second outing since returning from his knee injury.  He was dangerous at many times and his skating looks great – he seems to be moving faster than the rest of the team.  He has given the maligned Kesler unit a shot in the arm.  In general, that line had a slightly better game tonight, they generated a few chances to score and were noticeable.  Coach Alain Vigneault ended up changing this line in the third, as he moved Booth down to the third line to skate alongside Cody Hodgson and Jannik Hansen, swapping spots with Mason Raymond.  Both lines looked even better after this move, and it was Hansen and Booth who connected on the tying goal.  It is surprising to me that Hodgson and Booth weren’t featured more prominently in the overtime period, given their stong play in the third.The play of Luongo can’t be understated.  He was truly spectacular tonight at times, and the Canucks can thank him and him alone for their single point.  In general, he’s been on a roll since early December and is showing no signs of slowing down.  He’s given the team chances for points in recent games.The Canucks have also recently been getting beat in the faceoff circle on a nightly basis – not tonight.  They held a significant edge in this category, with 38 faceoff wins compared to 28 for L.A.Finally, the power play, while not appearing as lethal it was earlier in the season, was 1 for 4 tonight, right on their season average of ~ 24%.  After going 8 for 48 (17%) in its previous 15 games, it has clicked at a 30% success rate in the last three contests (3 for 10).  Hopefully this is a sign that the power play is getting back to top form.While overall the team isn’t going well at the moment, there are a few things going the right way.  And as bad as they’ve been in the past five games, the Canucks have come out of them with five points.  They are finding a way to at least get something out of these games.  A bigger test will be San Jose on Saturday afternoon.PARTING SHOTSChecking in on the Standings:  The Canucks again avoided the dreaded regulation loss tonight.  The SO loss leaves them with 60 points from 47 games, on pace for 105 (off last season’s pace, when they ended with 114 points).  The Canucks are third, points-wise, in the league, behind the Rangers and the Red Wings.  However, they have played between one and four games more than the other top teams, and as such, there are five other teams who could leapfrog over them if they got all the points available from their games in hand:  Boston, Philadelphia, San Jose, St. Louis, and Chicago.I believe the best way to gauge teams against each other is looking at their record in games decided in regulation – the four on four OT and the shootout are gimmicky and don’t represent “real” hockey.  In considering these records, these top teams would have the following point totals:NYR – 50Boston – 48Detroit – 48St. Louis – 48Philadelphia – 46Vancouver – 44Chicago – 40San Jose – 38If you take these results and extrapolate them over an 82 game regular season, given the number of games the teams have played, Vancouver is at the bottom of the list. Make no mistake about it – the Canucks performance this year has not met the standard that was set last year, when they won the President’s Trophy.  The Canucks are being forced to overtime or a shootout too often, and are leaving points on the table against some of the league’s inferior opposition.  Based on their play, this puts the Canucks near the bottom of the top 8 teams in the NHL – and that equals a second round playoff loss.Can the Canucks turn it around?  I believe they can, they have had some injuries to deal with (especially coming into the season) and their first 20 games were horrid.  They got hot in November but have come back to earth somewhat since.  If they can get the second line going and can shore up the defense, the goaltending appears good enough to win most nights.  Hopefully they can put something together here in the last 35 games of the season.Broadcast Observation of the Night:  I chuckled when I saw the fan behind the Kings bench had a bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup on the dasher on the other side of the glass, perfectly positioned behind the Kings’ Dustin Penner.  If you’re unfamiliar with this story, Penner missed a game last week with back spasms that he said flared up after he reached over the breakfast table to get a couple of his wife’s pancakes.Looking ahead: The Canucks continue their six-game homestand with a rare afternoon date with the San Jose Sharks on Saturday.last_img read more

Nitehawks avenge loss by stopping shorthanded Leafs 4-1

first_imgThe Beaver Valley Nitehawks snapped a three-game skid in a big way, scoring three times in the first period en route to a 4-1 victory over the Nelson Leafs in Kootenay International Junior Hockey League action Saturday night at the NDCC Arena.The Hawks took advantage of a banged up Leaf squad to climb to within three points of Murdoch leading Castlegar Rebels.“It’s really tough,” said Leaf defenceman Robson Cramer.“We have a lot of key players hurt . . . (Dylan) Williamson, (Michael) Crawford to name a few,” Cramer added. “We only had nine forwards and four “D”, so it’s tough when you’ve got a short bench like that.”Cramer felt the Hawks knew of the Leafs injuries and jumped on the home squad right off the get-go.Mitch Foyle got the Hawks going minutes into the game when he put the puck past Joey Karrer in the Nelson nets.Beaver Valley maintained the 1-0 lead until Allan Pruss increased the margin with a power play goal with five minutes left in the frame.Cramer cut the lead to 2-1 a short time later. But former Leaf Andy Miller restored the lead 40 seconds later. “I figure they knew about our injuries because they put on a lot of pressure on us and got a few goals early which just killed us,” Cramer explained.The Leafs struggled for most of the game to generate any offensive push against the Hawks.The lack of offence was evident in the territorial play and the shot clock, which Nelson had only nine shots in the first two periods.Nelson tried to mount a comeback in the third but any momentum was quickly snuffed out when Foyle scored his second of the game on the power play early in the third.The Leafs tried desperately to cut into the Beaver Valley lead, pulling Karrer with just over three minutes remaining in the game.However, nothing was working for the Green and White on this night.“For the next couple of weeks we’ve just got to stick together until we get some of our guys back,” Cramer said. “In two or three weeks we’ll be getting everyone back and be able to get back to normal.”Hawks Drake Poirier had a relatively easy night in goal, facing only 15 shots to register the win.Meanwhile, Karrer was the busier of the two goalies facing 25 shots as Beaver Valley led in every period.BLUELINES: The Hawks gained some revenge on the Leafs after losing to the Green and White by the same 4-1 score last Sunday in Fruitvale. . . . Leafs Blair Andrews, playing just his second game after a long bout on the injury list, was taken from the ice in the first period after suffering a head injury from a hit in the first period. Andrews was cut as well as suffering contusions to the face area. . . . Also missing from the lineup were Dylan Williamson, Michael Crawford and Timothy Nichols. . . .Leaf assistant coach Sean Dooley tried his best Roger Neilson impression when he waved the white towel on the bench in disgust with the officiating in the third period. Neilson gained instant fame with the Vancouver Canucks when the coach tied a white towel to a stick in a mock surrender during the 1982 National Hockey League Campbell Conference Finals between Vancouver and Chicago. . . . Nelson is back in action Tuesday in Grand Forks before meeting rival Castlegar in a home-and-home series Friday in Castlegar and Saturday at home. . . . Castlegar took over top spot in the Murdoch Division with a 4-3 win over Grand Forks Saturday.last_img read more

Creating Intimacy at Scale – Episode 63

first_imgA human being can maintain only about 150 relationships. But our new silicon substrate tools allow for more than that. As we begin this digital transformation, it’s important to think about how we create intimacy at scale.last_img

Blackwater stumped: Where in the world is Chris Ellis?

first_imgLATEST STORIES Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice00:50Trending Articles01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Italy’s decline can be traced to Serie A’s problems QC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort View comments Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion Read Next Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa “Actually I think he is on the exit already from the PBA. Otherwise, if you’re interested to play, you have no choice but to follow the trade,” he said. “So far, in the past three years I have been in the PBA, this is the first time I found a player who doesn’t report in a trade. So we won’t force the issue.”Ginebra shipped Ellis together with center Dave Marcelo to the Elite in exchange for the injured Art dela Cruz and Raymond Aguilar last August.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutSince being dealt, Ellis has just showed up once in the team’s practice before complaining of a kidney problem which needed hospitalization. That was the last time the team saw of or heard from the former Slam Dunk champion—until a cryptic tweet last Nov. 12.“I want to sincerely thank everyone who has shown love n concern for me! Thank you!! Im Excited for what the future holds! Until we meet again!” Ellis wrote. Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101 CPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPA MOST READ Blackwater owner Dioceldo Sy continues to be stumped as to where Fil-Am wingman Chris Ellis is—or what his basketball plans are.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s weddinglast_img read more

a day agoIFK chief explains sale options for Wolves, Watford target Alhassan Yusuf

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say IFK chief explains sale options for Wolves, Watford target Alhassan Yusufby Paul Vegasa day agoSend to a friendShare the loveIFK Gothenburg whizkid Alhassan Yusuf is facing frustration over hopes of a move to England.Wolves and Watford are keen on the midfielder, along with Anderlecht.However, IFK chief Pontus Farnerud admits a lack of qualifications for a UK work permit are likely to work against him.He told GT: “When it comes to sales, we must make sure that it is as good as possible for all parties. Then there is a regulatory framework to take into account and when it comes to a Premier League club, work permits are difficult. Then you have to look at what is best for the player together with the buying club.”Wolves could yet buy Yusuf and send him back to IFK on-loan.Farnerud added: “These are the solutions that exist and there is no secret behind it, but I would like to point out that we are not there now.” last_img read more

Warning from chief adjudicator Residential school students say theyve been hurt by

first_imgAPTN National NewsIn June 13, Chief Adjudicator Daniel Ish issued a memo to the 200 lawyers who represent IAP clients.“The courts have made clear that any assignment of Settlement Agreement funds is contrary to the Financial Accountability Act and the Settlement Agreement,” he wrote. “Thus, assignments or directions to pay third parties are illegal and unenforceable. In no circumstances should legal counsel pay compensation funds to anyone other than the claimant, beyond approved legal fees.”Without naming names, the chief adjudicator confirmed that a number of the complaints made by the former students had been reported to him.“It has been brought to my attention that at least one firm has delivered cheques for compensation funds, payable to the claimant, to a third party for ‘delivery’ to the claimant. The claimant is then asked to endorse the cheque to the third party for services rendered in processing the IAP claim,” Ish wrote. “This must certainly be an unethical practice. All compensation funds should be paid directly to the claimant and if any amount is payable to a third party, it is a matter to be dealt with between the claimant and the third party without assistance being provided by claimant’s counsel to the third party.”He stated that lawyers could see their fees reduced if they did not provide adequate representation. Then he stated that he had received reports from adjudicators that clients were not receiving adequate representation.“Canada’s 15 per cent contribution toward legal fees is not a guaranteed minimum irrespective of the adequacy and quality of legal services provided to claimants,” Ish wrote.The chief adjudicator explained what had prompted him to write the memo.“In some situations, a 15 per cent fee is not fair and reasonable because it over-compensates for the services provided,” he told the IAP lawyers. “While it is hoped that these situations are not common, they certainly include cases where counsel has had no communication whatever prior to the day of the hearing, where counsel appear at a hearing with the wrong claimant (in one case on more than one occasion relating to the same file), delays in the prosecution of files attributable totally to counsel inaction and false or altered certifications on applications.”Oversight Committee minutes add more detail.The minutes of a meeting on June 21 noted the memo and summarized it for the committee.“As examples of conduct that might warrant such a reduction, he cited lawyers who repeatedly attended with the wrong client, claims where the application form bears no resemblance to the case, and application forms where the lawyers’ certification is signed by someone else, photocopied, or falsified. All of these are, regrettably, actual situations that have occurred.”Minutes of an earlier meeting show that the committee was getting impatient with some firms.“Six law firms are responsible for 70 per cent of the cases on hold. Meetings are being held with each. The Court Monitor may have to be engaged if the lack of response remains. Disclosure of the names of the firms, possibly on the website, was suggested.”last_img read more

Evan Adams was one of the stars of Smoke Signals now guess

first_imgAPTN National NewsA former Indigenous actor has been making waves in a new industry lately.Dr. Evan Adams is best known for his work in the film ‘Smoke Signals’ alongside Adam Beach.Now he’s the Chief Medical Officer for the First Nation Health Authority.APTN’s Jaydon Flett caught up with him to talk about the work he ahead of [email protected] @jaydononolast_img

Four killed on Alberta Peace roads in less than 12 hours

first_imgPEACE RIVER, A.B. – Four people were killed and three seriously injured on roads in the Alberta Peace after four crashes occurred in the span of less than 12 hours – three of which happened less than two hours apart.At 3:43 on Tuesday afternoon, members of the Spirit River RCMP were dispatched to crash on Highway 2 at Township Road 763.A pickup truck travelling west on Township Road 763 collided with an unloaded semi-truck travelling south on Highway 2. Then on Wednesday morning, two more people were killed in a two-vehicle crash that occurred near Peace River.The crash happened just after 1:00 a.m. on Highway 2 near Range Road 252 and involved two SUV’s.The two occupants of one of the SUV’s, a man and a woman, were pronounced dead at the scene.RCMP Corporal Laurel Scott said that the identities of the two deceased have not yet been positively confirmed.Meanwhile, the two female passengers of the other SUV were airlifted to an Edmonton hospital with serious injuries.Highway 2 was closed for over six hours while the RCMP’s collision analyst investigated the scene, and the road reopened shortly before 7:30 this morning.Cpl. Scott added that at this point, it’s not known what caused the collision. At around 5:30, members of the High Prairie RCMP were called out to a single-vehicle rollover collision on Alberta Highway 750 in the community of Grouard, approximately 30 kilometres northeast of High Prairie.Police say that a northbound car crossed the highway’s centre line and went into the ditch on the opposite side of the road before it rolled onto its roof.The lone occupant, a 48-year-old man from McLennan, Alberta was pronounced dead at the scene.The RCMP say that their investigation is ongoing, and are asking anyone who witnessed the crash to contact High Prairie Detachment.center_img The 84-year-old driver of the pickup was airlifted by STARS to an Edmonton hospital in serious condition, while the driver of the semi was unscathed.An hour later, police responded to a two-vehicle collision on Highway 49 and Range Road 110.Police say that according to the preliminary investigation, a tractor-trailer unit travelling westbound on Highway 49 was attempting to pass a tractor, which was hauling hay.At the intersection of Range Road 110, the tractor initiated a left turn, and the two vehicles collided.The 74-year-old male driver of the tractor was declared dead at the scene, while the driver of the semi was uninjured.The Spirit River RCMP saw that both collisions remain under investigation.last_img read more