A man had two sons

first_img Share Share 28 Views   no discussions Share FaithLifestyleLocalNews A man had two sons by: – September 26, 2011center_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Image via: mark1616.wordpress.comThis parable is open to interpretation in ways we can immediately recognize. A domestic interpretation immediately suggests itself. A parent, for example, asks one child to wash the wares: The child says yes, and hours later the dirty wares are still piled up in the sink. The parent asks a second child and gets a grumbling response: “Me again?! Why am I the only one you always turn to? What you can’t ask somebody else for a change etc?” But the wares get washed. Which child did the parent’s will? Obviously the second.For Jesus (and his listeners) the two sons symbolized two groups of people. The religious leaders of the day – they are the first son; and the prostitutes and sinners, those rejected by religious society, are the second. The leaders had pledged to welcome the Messiah when he came. Yet when John the Baptist announced his coming, they didn’t get rally around him. The tax-collectors and those rejected by religious society didn’t think the matter had anything to do with them, but when John invited them, they lined up right behind him.It must have been galling for the first group to hear that the second group was getting into the Kingdom before them; but you can imagine Jesus saying to them in reply. All you did was talk the talk.The parable can be interpreted in still other ways. You can take the two sons to represent two different kinds of persons. There’s the person who always talks religion, and there is a second type of person who doesn’t seem especially religious or comfortable talking about religion. The person of the second type doesn’t live in Church, but will do the most generous things and think nothing of it. The other type of person will always tell you know what sorts of things the Church should be doing etc, without doing much of anything themselves.Jesus clearly had a preference for doers, not talkers. By their fruits you shall know them, he said elsewhere, not their speech. In the last judgment scene in Matthew 25, people are judged by what they do vis a vis a variety of persons in need. They are not judged by whether or not they thought, for instance, that the poor should be fed. Who thinks that the poor should starve?The ideal, of course, is to be a doer and a talker, someone who preaches and practices. This is an ideal to which all of us only approximate. Somerset Maugham, the English writer, once remarked cynically that the function of a preacher is to preach, implying that it’s foolish to expect him to practice. But Maugham’s cynicism was misplaced. Preaching without complete practice, which is how preaching ordinarily occurs, has its value and its place, and it’s nothing to feel too apologetic about. Every parent, for example, must tell their children what they should avoid doing, even if the parents are not paragons of virtue. Parents still have to say what parents must say.The key thing, of course, is to be persons who keep striving to be the best, and not settle for minor improvement, for becoming just a little better. Jesus did not say to us: be ye therefore slightly improved. He said be ye therefore perfect, just as your heavenly father is perfect.By: Father Henry Charles Ph.Dlast_img read more

South Africa eases exchange controls

first_imgAdditionally, the Treasury delayed the release of the discussion paper on the country’s financial sector to February 2011. In his Medium Term Budget Policy Statement in October, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that the prudential framework for foreign investment by private and public pension funds, including the Government Employees Pension Fund, would be reviewed “to support portfolio re-alignment and offshore diversification of these funds, especially in the rest of the African continent and into other emerging markets”. The Treasury raised the limit on the amount institutional investors can take offshore by five percentage points. The limit will be between 25% and 35% for investors. 14 December 2010 Retirement funds in particular, which represent a significant portion of the industry investable assets, could be constrained by the current prudential foreign asset limit, according to current analysis. Emerging market investment “[The] National Treasury would like to alert investors that the announced increase in prudential foreign asset limits should also be regarded as a mechanism for absorbing current holdings of inward-listed instruments not having a domestic classification.” South Africa’s National Treasury has announced the further easing of exchange controls in order to allow local institutions to invest more abroad. “To allow for more time for internal consultations within government, the release of the comprehensive discussion document, entitled ‘Strengthening the financial sector to better serve South Africa’, is postponed and will now be released for public comment in February next year,” it said. The Treasury said the Reserve Bank would provide further details on the announcement. Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Microsoft Embraces Open Source (in the Online Ad Business)

first_imgIT + Project Management: A Love Affair Related Posts It’s called a spoiler tactic. You take your competitor’s biggest cash cow and offer a free alternative. Everybody from Linux to Google has used the tactic against Microsoft. So who can fault Microsoft when it uses it against Google’s advertising cash cow? The guys who benefit from this tactic today are the good folks at OpenX, the open-source alternative to ad servers from Google such as DoubleClick (for big publishers) and AdManager (for small publishers). (Disclosure: ReadWriteWeb uses OpenX to host our advertising inventory.)Of course, ad-serving itself is not really the cash cow, but it is a key part of it. The real prize is a viable alternative to AdSense. This is the background of today’s news about OpenX and Microsoft announcing an advertising technology partnership.OpenX Named a Preferred Partner for Microsoft Ad Serving ProductsHere is the news today from OpenX and Microsoft. In a nutshell:Microsoft will refer publishers for enterprise ad-serving solutions to OpenX.This makes OpenX a more viable alternative to expensive ad server solutions. (Hint to publishers looking to cut costs: why spend that money on Doubleclick when there is a free alternative?)OpenX will promote Microsoft’s Content Ads monetization/advertising product.OpenX has 150,000 websites that serve more than 300 billion ads per month. Google Ad Manager, which is the free alternative to DoubleClick for smaller publishers, optimizes for AdSense. So Content Ads, an alternative to AdSense, is a natural ally for OpenX.Click here for a comparison of OpenX and AdManager (the comparison is good, while also promoting Trafficspaces as an alternative to both).Content Ads is Microsoft’s entry to the contextual ad game. It “matches ads to relevant editorial content, allowing advertisers to increase campaign effectiveness and allowing publishers to achieve a higher yield on certain types of inventory.”Let’s Get a Second Opinion on Content AdsWe spoke with Dr. Riza C. Berkan, CEO at Hakia, which makes a contextual advertising solution called Contexa that is not unlike Content Ads. (Disclosure: ReadWriteWeb uses Contexa, and Hakia is a sponsor.) Here is his view:“Content detection is a specific challenge where Microsoft will be judged by its semantic capabilities. It could be a historic moment if it works. Otherwise, it will contribute to the ongoing “blinding” irrelevancy.”Riza is saying that relevancy and ranking are hard technical challenges. We know that relevancy is a bit weak on AdSense. Can Content Ads do better than AdSense? That is the bar.AdSense’s Weakness, the Hunt for Relevance and the Shift to “Direct”We have written before about the possible weakness in AdSense, which is at the heart of the Google cash cow. Our theory is that we are moving to a place where publishers will sell more directly.Draw a quadrant with “Large” to “Small” on one axis and “Publishers” to “Advertisers” on the other:“Large” to “Large”This is where we find the traditional internal sales force at big “Publishers” working with agencies at big “Advertisers.” This world is not changing fast. Technology solutions and networks focus primarily on selling remnant.“Large” to “Small”There is always a role for ad networks to aggregate volume from large advertisers and bring that to small publishers. This is what Federated Media does for ReadWriteWeb. This works well, and we will likely see more niche ad networks serving this function in different markets (for example, FoodBuzz in the food market).“Small” to “Small”This is small advertisers reaching small publishers. This is the space in which AdSense and all of the automated ad networks operate. The genius of Google was to enable small advertisers to get results with small budgets: this has been the enabler for thousands of startups. But we’re seeing a shift in this market. There is no reason why advertisers should not buy directly from publishers. Many of these advertisers will also be “the people formerly known as audience.” As long as a simple self-service solution exists, there is no reason for an intermediary to take a big cut of the ad dollars at the toll booth.OpenX and Content Ads are positioned to reduce the ad toll booth costs.The winner will be decided by relevance. If the ads are relevant, then they will be useful to the audience and therefore have better ROI for advertisers.These bruising battles between the big guys help the small guys. Google will bring down the cost of MS Office, and Microsoft will bring down the cost of online advertising. Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowcenter_img Tags:#Analysis#enterprise Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… bernard lunnlast_img read more

Michigan State Players Star In Well-Produced Locker Room Dance Video

first_imgMichigan State players walking down a tunnel.YouTube/MSUSpartanVideoMichigan State is the defending Big Ten champion, and while Michigan and Ohio State have been getting most of the attention in the league as we near the season, the Spartans appear pretty pumped for the year to kick off.On Thursday, a group of Michigan State players created a locker room dance video, and with help from the program’s video team, it is incredibly well-produced. The video is set to Future’s hit “Wicked” from his 2016 mixtape Purple Reign.Michigan State opens its season with FCS squad Furman, but things heat up pretty quickly from there. The Spartans have a week two bye, and then head to South Bend to play a very strong Notre Dame team, and follow that game up with Wisconsin at home. At +825, the Spartans are tied for the third best odds to win a Big Ten title this year with Iowa, but are fairly well behind Ohio State (+168) and Michigan (+233). If they repeat, they certainly will have earned it.last_img read more

255 Young People Benefit from Anti-Gang Sensitisation Sessions

first_img Approximately 255 young people benefited from the sessions, which were held across the island over two weeks from October 25 to November 7. These include youth offenders in juvenile centres, probationers, and unattached young people. The Ministry of National Security has intensified its efforts to tackle youth involvement in crime with the recent staging of six anti-gang sensitisation sessions.Approximately 255 young people benefited from the sessions, which were held across the island over two weeks from October 25 to November 7. These include youth offenders in juvenile centres, probationers, and unattached young people.Focus was placed on equipping the participants with life and entrepreneurial skills and conflict resolution techniques.The sessions, under the theme ‘Make the Choice to take a Chance and Change Your Life’, were a joint effort between the ‘We Transform Programme’ and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) aimed at deterring youth from engaging in illicit activities, especially gang involvement.Minister of State in the Ministry, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, said the initiative reflects a commitment to implementing programmes that deter youth from crime.This, he said, is in keeping with the Rehabilitation and Redemption and Crime Prevention through Social Development pillars of the Ministry’s five-pillar crime strategy.“The intention is to stimulate prosocial values, attitudes and behaviour. This approach will re-socialise mindsets and promote respect for self, others and community,” he noted.Acting We Transform Programme Manager, Steffani King-Halstead, told JIS News that the sessions were a success.She said that the objective was to “encourage the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of the children/youth who are in or have been in correctional facilities into society, through the We Transform Programme, and we are delighted to observe the impact of the sessions on them”.Daniel*, a probationer, who attended the final event at Hotel Grandiosa in Montego Bay, St James, on Wednesday (November 7), said that the session was “enlightening because it showed me how to stay away from negative influences, control my anger and also about conflict resolution”.The 19-year-old, who was sentenced to three years probation in 2017 for illegal possession of a weapon, noted that these initiatives are important in enabling youths to resist becoming involved in crime.“The Ministry has been important to persons like myself staying on the straight and narrow path, so I am very grateful for the effort they have made. I am not sure where I would have been without them as I have been receiving a lot of help from them, including enrolling me at the HEART Trust/NTA to be trained in general construction,” he noted.The sensitisation sessions are a follow-up to Anti-Gang Week held in September, where the Ministry coordinated activities under the theme ‘Gang Life Equals no Life,’ and targeted youths who are predisposed to involvement in gangs. The Ministry of National Security has intensified its efforts to tackle youth involvement in crime with the recent staging of six anti-gang sensitisation sessions. Story Highlights Focus was placed on equipping the participants with life and entrepreneurial skills and conflict resolution techniques.last_img read more

Thoresen Shipping Adds Secondhand Supramax

first_imgThoresen Shipping Singapore (TSS), a subsidiary of Thoresen Thai Agencies, has purchased and taken delivery of the secondhand dry bulk vessel Karaweik, which will be renamed Thor Future.Featuring 54,170 dwt, the Supramax was bought for a price of USD 7.9 million. Although the company did not reveal the ship’s previous owner, data provided by VesselsValue shows that the vessel was operated by Japan-based Santoku Senpaku. The 190-meter-long bulk carrier has a market value of USD 10.8 million.With the addition of the 2006-built Karaweik, the Thoresen-owned fleet comprises a total of 20 vessels with an average size of 52,908 dwt and an average age of 11.8 years.The company said that the acquisition is part of TTA’s ongoing fleet renewal plan launched in an effort to develop a fleet of modern and standard dry bulk vessels and increase operating efficiencies.last_img read more

Call centre abruptly closes in Cape Breton leaving hundreds without work

first_imgSYDNEY, N.S. — More than 600 people have lost their jobs after a call centre in Cape Breton abruptly closed, leaving employees without work weeks before Christmas.ServiCom officials gathered workers at the operation in Sydney on Thursday to announce that it was shuttering the facility.Cecil Clarke, mayor of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, said in a statement Thursday evening that the sudden closure “came as a shock,” despite financial troubles on the part of ServiCom’s parent company. He says company representatives have indicated they are in the process of arranging the sale of the Sydney operation and “are hoping to have this situation resolved in next couple of days.”Clarke suggested it may be up and running again under new ownership.There were reports nearly 700 employees left the site Thursday with no pay, as police vehicles were parked outside.(CTV Atlantic, The Canadian Press)The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Ministers set to discuss timing of carbon tax legal challenges during meeting

first_imgOntario Attorney General Doug Downey says his government has until August to file a notice of appeal to the Supreme Court after that province’s appeal court upheld the federal carbon tax in a split decision.“It’s my understanding that (Saskatchewan) may be looking to have some of the cases consolidated so that … the Supreme Court’s hearing more than one at a time,” said Downey.He said there are pros and cons about presenting the cases together, but wouldn’t comment on his government’s preference or strategy.“From what I understand Saskatchewan is asking for an extension or for more time.” It argues a federally imposed carbon tax on consumers is unconstitutional but lost its case in a 3-2 split decision in its own appeal court.The provincial government appealed to the Supreme Court and says it has a tentative hearing date set for Dec. 5.Alberta Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer says his government is trying to play catch-up to Saskatchewan and Ontario when it comes to mounting its own legal challenge.He says it’s important for the ministers to compare notes about what they’re hearing from their legal teams and he wants the provinces to work together so that the matter is heard by the Supreme Court in a “co-ordinated and thoughtful way.”Schweitzer says he wants Alberta’s case heard by the Alberta Appeal Court before the country’s highest court rules on the issue, so the Supreme Court has the opportunity to consider the province’s evidence when it makes its decision.“We’re trying to work out (the) strategy to make sure each province can bring forward its strongest case to the Supreme Court,” he said. SASKATOON — Attorneys general from Alberta and Ontario say they will discuss the timeline of the different legal challenges launched against the federal carbon tax when they meet in Saskatoon today.The two justice ministers will be joined by their legal teams and their counterparts from New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.Saskatchewan is hosting the meeting to discuss the appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.center_img — by Stephanie Taylor of The Canadian PressThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

Xi Jinping’s BRI faces criticism during China’s political sessions

first_imgBeijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s much-touted Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has come under criticism at the annual political sessions of the country, a rare dissent in China’s one party political system, according to a media report Wednesday. The annual sessions of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People’s Conference (NPC) began on March 3 and due to end on March 15. The CPPCC consisting of over 2,000 delegates is a national advisory body with nominated representatives from various walks of life. the NPC which also has over 2,000 legislators is often regarded as rubber stamp parliament for its routine endorsement of laws and policies formulated by the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC). Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi JinpingWhile dissent and disagreements are a rarity in China, murmurs of criticism that too against Xi’s BRI, which reportedly carries over trillion USD investment budget, surfaced during the discussions at the two sessions, Hong Kong based South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday. While the two sessions are being held in the backdrop of increasing apprehensions over the adverse impact of the ongoing trade war with the US and continued slowdown of the China’s economy, a former Chinese diplomat Ye Dabo has questioned whether it was accurate for Premier Li Keqiang to say in his government work report that the BRI had made “important progress” last year. Li presented the work report to the NPC on March 5 for adoption. “I think this evaluation may be a bit excessive,” Ye said at the panel discussion which was open to foreign journalists.last_img read more