n view of the role of anchor chain from YAHOO

Check the site outside the chain of YAHOO

in the morning, although increased, but a whim: these chains are also many URL station sites, this is why? Is there a way to add more like YAHOO


picture is that here we should almost all understand station to increase the chain chain YAHOO is going on. General principle is this: first, YAHOO in the chain, will be on the Internet all the "grab into the library, this library file of both the station of the chain, also has a station outside the chain, YAHOO finally after screening, think the station chain can also be used as YAHOO the chain, because, when we search site YAHOO chain also appeared in URL. read more

Share a good book Shanghai dragon combat code Third Edition

"but Shanghai dragon has become the most standard website"

was very surprised and honored to receive the Zan Hui (ZAC) of the invitation letter, I am writing to a recommended language, from version first, version second which I read, did not expect the third version to my name.

"since the mid 1990s Shanghai dragon industry was born, try Shanghai Dragon technology really has undergone great changes in the past two years is not much, this is a period of rapid changes in the industry of Shanghai dragon. One of the changes is the mobile search beyond the PC search, which brings mobile Shanghai Longfeng demand and exploration. Two is the search engine algorithm of natural Shanghai dragon " read more