Noindex Meta tag Nofollow Noarchive of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

Meta tags (meta tags) is a very useful label, it is located in the head of the document storage, some pages of information, the most common is description and keywords, they were told what is the search engine, page description and keywords. Use the following:

: you can crawl the page.

NOFOLLOW command: tell search engines to find links, refused to allow access from this page.

HTTP-EQUIV is used to provide some information to the browser, according to these instructions accordingly. HTTP-EQUIV is not only a function of this character encoding ", commonly used HTTP-EQUIV type also includes:" the expiration time, the default script language, the default page style language, auto refresh time. read more

How to solve the non Shanghai dragon search to the problem

1, with the content page page

2, from the user’s demand of mining

cold products > method can also break down.

some of the company’s products and services are not good generalization, don’t know how to use what kind of keywords, or keywords, but not enough search volume, such as "pollution-free agricultural products", "electronic cigarettes" etc.. This time how to do

so, how to solve the "search not to" this contradiction? How to make the maximum flow rate by two? Here to share ideas to solve the problem. read more

Website promotion methods should be diversified individual Shanghai Longfeng not worth a hair

website promotion methods should be diversified, Shanghai dragon is one of the

I want to ask you one day, how much the chain? Can you write the number of original? And we are a Shanghai dragon team, we have the budget can buy high quality links, we have the chain Commissioner, every day the hair of the chain, we still have the original article editor, write every day original, a person you can play? Shanghai, but is to design the website well, get traffic from search engines, and you need to talk to a bunch of people fight. Do you need to consider another way, pluralistic development? This is my main point of this article, but also to those who hold the "Shanghai dragon" opinionated people all day. read more

n 2012 the high quality chain channel construction

! channel!

this channel, in fact already very popular, but many people do not know how to successfully leave your links in the local classification information website, because now with strict audit degree more and more high, a lot of the chain is very difficult in the classification of information website to stay, but one foot in mind, as long as the method to still, can be realized, such as a lot of places now classified information network to provide recruitment channels, so we can use the website I need to update the recruitment information, engage in great detail, but also made a page in your recruitment website, and then classified information online left inside pages on your site. You will often be able to successful website construction of the chain! And now a lot of classified information network are local, when a city is completed, will automatically send the content to The city’s subordinate units! Such as Beijing classified information network released outside the chain of success, will be in Haidian, the local information network in Chaoyang District leave the content of the chain! Do one, to do more than read more

Xie Mingzan what are the details of the site optimization


five: dead link detection without

this problem, I personally think that the title settings can be simple to set up 35 words is enough, you don’t want to turn a page all the words to be set up, even if you set up also won’t have what effect. If there are too many and you’ll open a page. When people if the user in the search engine to find the find you see your title would not be a string of head point to point. Can a simple simple don’t get so complicated.

website description is a website to advertise their own words, but by practice found description we have become the local accumulation of keywords, the effect is good, can go to the search engine just a search and you will find the row in front of the picture are words, such words in the title, keywords, description of the three in the. There are many online articles for you to explain the analysis that the key comparison difficult to write in the title, the relatively simple or long tail word is written in the description. read more

How to within one month and the blog hang shlf1314 Advertising to make moneyGong Haiyan starts again

Beijing Wudaokou southeast corner Rossmax building, various English training institutions get together to survive, such as education, Department of education, Beijing IELTS School English huge sign hung on the glass wall, to attract students. Gong Haiyan’s new company is located on the 11 floor of block D, this building.

new company has a small office space: less than 100 square meters of office, and a few less than 20 square meters of compartments. And not spacious offices, packed with 24 staff members. read more

The weight is not equal to the ranking combination can complement each other

, a misunderstanding, the weight and ranking of

there must be some internal relations between weight and ranking, must depend on each other and can complement each other. First of all, in the station optimization, search engine can effectively identify the keywords of the case. To determine the ranking order, must be the website weight. This is why we care so much, the content of the website included quantity, site update frequency snapshot. In order to improve the keywords ranking, the first thing you need to do is to enhance the site weight. Secondly, good keywords ranking, and can effectively promote the weights of the website promotion. When a user searches a keyword in the search engine, good natural ranking can website hits, together with the high content of web browsing depth and time, will give great help to enhance the website weight. read more

How to use Excel to find keywords with noble baby

, locate the keywords people looking for your business.

"? If you develop a software, easy to understand.

2. in Google or love Shanghai, enter the keyword, the search engine will automatically think of some of the relevant search. In the case of Google, you can search in the left side of the page in the toolbar from the common view (Standard view) switch to search view (Related searchs view). Note: Google English interface is related to the search view.

written in the front: I believe we have the contact of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not the end point of work, need to constantly improve the site in the search engine’s performance. A key to the success of the Shanghai dragon is the analysis of the right keywords. read more

The website keywords ranking drop after the webmaster to do

The !Finally,

second) after reason to find web sites keywords ranking drop, should solve the problem out of

website ranking drop, indirectly also shows that the weight of the website will be declined, therefore, whether it is to be able to let us as soon as possible to restore the site keywords ranking, or in order to improve the website related weights, we have a little time every webmaster need to send out some high quality of the chain, or is it the same type of website exchange Links to

! source… !Keywords read more

The real Shanghai dragon Er is not stealing the article

do not have luck in Shanghai dragon

is not the real Shanghai dragon stolen articles, because he know respect copyright, the real Shanghai dragon is not stealing the article, because the end result of their knowledge acquisition is the most trouble, those people collect others in the article is nothing more than those who do not understand the chain Commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng people they, like street gangsters, with others is their own. The Commissioner of the chain, what all don’t understand, others only know to delete links with their links in the article, that included the chain increases, their task is complete, this is not the case, he did not know read more