New sites on line 6 days P break 8 thousand follow up K station full record


new station on-line 6 days, IP break 8 thousand, follow-up K station all records (there is a picture as evidence)

At the end of the 7

line time: 09 years, the acquisition of 2 days, probably No. 29, No. 30, upload to my server, breaking 8 thousand in August 4th, K in August 5th (5 pm K), just as an experience, you do stand do not act with undue haste. Must be down-to-earth, don’t like me taking the easy route, it is of no use

some time ago someone to take a LJ station to buy high price buyers in A5 group, but it seems that forget what I said I brush out a new IP online a few days, the day can break 7 thousand, they do not call me, I don’t bird raising rice, they, well now for you to see. read more

Personal Adsense perhaps the transformation model

the Internet is the most creative era, the establishment of personal websites has become the favorite of young entrepreneurs, the emergence of various types of personal websites have gradually formed a new economic model. According to statistics, the number of Chinese personal website has exceeded 30 million, become a kind of economic power. The website so much, but the real big or successful, one can say the name of the 100 are not even, in-depth study is not difficult to find that most of the people are " light; commander ", no team support, there is no strong financial backing, from the program to the operator is a person, the method behind closed doors in the end could not get success? Through the analysis below, you may get the answer. read more

Site navigation station to achieve monthly income of 5000 yuan to share experience

with the rapid development of network technology, the network is no stranger to everyone. Suddenly my age is 7 or 8 years time, calculate the time is not long nor short.

is very occasionally a chance to see friends around the site, very interested. After a friend’s explanation, I know the website is so made. Very good, very powerful. The instinct of curiosity with friends to learn website production, but at the time for me to do is really a very difficult thing. Fortunately, curiosity inspired my desire to learn web sites. From the most simple Web authoring software began to learn the source code, typesetting, upload, have a certain understanding of the process of making a series of rental space. Hard work pays off, your first website was finally released to the public, a small website on the computer hardware, try to update the article every day, watching the traffic gradually increased, more than indescribably excited. But at that time did not know that the site can make money, but do not know the flow, queuing name. Just do it out of curiosity and learning. After a period of high enthusiasm, Zhejiang gradually felt that their curiosity has been met, there is no motivation to do it, just friends to go to the field, simply shut down the site. read more

Some experience of stock website

made the stock website for a period of time, the stock website is quite difficult, mainly to do the same type of website is very much, so the competition is very intense, and the stock master station a lot, I just for some of their own during this period of time to accumulate and share with you, I hope you can exchange advice.

first: website positioning, you want to do what type of station, integrated door Huxing?. It’s definitely better than the financial world, but you don’t report it in twenty-first Century. You can’t compare information with dispatch. So what you’re going to think about is what kind of thing you’re going to do. According to my personal characteristics, experience departure. I combine my own years of knowledge to feel, do my most familiar line of business station. What sectors of the industry do you like to do?. Just make a station like this. Chinese shareholders more than 100 million. You just have to serve the investors of an industry. Every day thousands of tens of thousands of IP or can. read more

Talk about stick to promote WeChat public number of pros and cons


we do WeChat operations, we are restricted to each account type, industry are not the same, and the promotion effect is not the same, but no matter in what way, as long as the effective to use, what kind of channels can help you quickly get accurate fans.

generally, the number of public promotion promotion WeChat divided two ways as the external and internal promotion and external promotion is other channels outside WeChat promotion, such as micro-blog, Post Bar forum, QQ, internal promotion is mainly rely on our content. read more

Website is like talking about friends not wishful thinking

today is more depressed, considered quite a long time, his mind to a girl, were rejected, or said to be good friends, not the idea, hey, is this the end of the first show off.

back to the topic, I also have a website for a few years, but also about their views on this aspect.


site is now more and more low cost, make a website has or how much money, more and more friends to join the business owners, but eventually the site for profit, like talking about friends, the ultimate goal is to get married, not in the consumption of a lifetime and you are willing to talk a friend, figure king said, website want to make money as early as possible. read more

Feasibility analysis of enterprise website outsourcing

with the rapid development of Internet in China, it is the general trend that enterprises access to the internet. From the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, more than 90% of the enterprises have no website construction experience or technical ability, the spirit of "professional thing to do is to find a professional person" principle, enterprise website outsourcing has a certain risk, an advanced management method but still. It is scientific and reasonable to outsource it on the website construction. But in the form of Web site outsourcing, there are many details to note. read more

Half a month to create tens of thousands of P site for film owners

film "

, the movie traffic is relatively fast, this is an open secret, but this year, the movie station is not good to do ah. The movie master faces several major challenges, resources, bandwidth, traffic. (copyright aside. It’s an international puzzle.)

original movie station is still relatively simple, a program to buy a space, and then steal the stolen stolen, the mining resource is solved, ease of optimization and promotion on the line. Now think of this movie station, the difficulty is greatly improved, by hotlinking, by gathering has been very difficult to make a movie station to survive. Early start webmaster, already accumulated funds have their own resources, the server will not easily give you hotlink collected. You can say, I am skilled, just the movie station I can hotlinking, can be collected. But think about it. Did you make a movie station hard to turn technology into economic benefits or to satisfy yourself?. Today the painstaking mining resources back, tomorrow others will update the anti-theft technology, acquisition of resources wasted, only delete, consume the time is for collection of resources to keep up failure resources, the station also do it, the movie station resources so unstable and how to retain visitors. read more

How many points do you need to insist on doing a movie station

is boring again today. He’s free to talk nonsense. Just look at it. Think you have a better idea of telling me.

1. movies as clean as possible without watermarks.

2. update in time. For popular Korean drama, TVB drama does not need to be the first, but we will not be behind others for 1-2 days. It’s not difficult for us, after all, we’re downloading movies fast enough to watch the latest updates from the TV compression groups every day.

3. opens the tablet channel and is responsible for adding some of the movies the user needs. They don’t need 100% to meet them. Some of the films can be easily added. read more

How does the site increase traffic Traffic growth is a marathon rather than a sprint

editor’s note: Bryan Goldberg, author of this article, is the founder of the sports news aggregator website Bleacher Report.

I do not know for what reason, today’s science and technology industry, and those who have no patience, young entrepreneurs are hoping to get rich overnight, they hope that their products can be quickly spread like a virus. Everyone wants to be able to succeed quickly, without the effort needed to succeed.

sometimes, some companies do succeed quickly, such as Instagram and YouTube. Almost every two years, there will be an entrepreneur who has become a billionaire overnight. But in most cases, the growth of your product is a slow process. read more