How to open a craft gift shop

in the pursuit of fashion, personalized era, a lot of people look at the small and medium commodity industry market space profits, more and more people choose to operate the craft gift shop. Want to craft gift shop business is booming. So entrepreneurs in the shop before the craft gift shop to choose a good store. Here is a look at the arts and crafts store location what stress.

craft gift stores location in general, to consider the location of traffic, traffic convenience and other factors, some areas are more expensive, so when choosing a location to consider popularity outside, but also consider the actual situation of their own. Site to do the work, to ensure that the store continued to operate. At the same time, the selection of rental stores, to avoid those downtown, you can bring greater profit margins for your sales, but also reduces your business risk. read more

What is the jewelry store in the eyes of entrepreneurs

Market demand for the jewelry industry

obviously, many women love to wear beautiful fashion jewelry, which drives the development of the jewelry market, jewelry stores start is very promising, then joined the franchise industry what jewelry industry skills can make entrepreneurs entrepreneurial success, the next Xiaobian tell you to join entrepreneurial skills notice, you see how much you know


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Yang Li online garbage can earn 1 million 600 thousand a year

you are not wrong, the title of this article is not wrong, there is such a person, she set up shop on the Internet to sell garbage! Don’t believe this is true, it occurred in the US, a young girl named Yang Li sold garbage on the Internet, but a year down the net profit of 1 million 600 thousand! If you can’t believe it, I’ll go along with the small series.

5000 multivariate salary, out of high-grade office buildings and hotels, the girls began to feel that this white-collar life wonderful. But a year later, Yang Li gradually found that white-collar workers are not so good when: with the increasing competition in electronic products, young people often need to work overtime to complete the workload overload. More and more pressure, worried about her endocrine disorders, acne and black eye. Because of the long stay up plus life is not the law, she also suffered from a serious stomach trouble.

2009 in March, Xiao Yang resigned to raise 100 thousand yuan in Huaihai Road opened a store this, perhaps the reason is lack of visibility, the business was unexpectedly is deserted, which makes Yang Li surprised and puzzled. One day, little Yang Ouran passed a lottery station, the shop owner, a word she woke up. Recommended read more

Anhui enacted prohibition work are not allowed to drink at noon

China is an ancient wine culture of rich countries, in different occasions of wine on the table is essential. But drinking delays, especially drinking during the work, resulting in a lot of work has been delayed, or there are serious violations. In order to improve the efficiency of work, Anhui enacted prohibition, the work does not allow drinking at noon.

reporter in July 26th from the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Department was informed that the day before, the general office of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, Anhui Provincial People’s Government Office issued the "Regulations" in official activities of the prohibition of alcohol, and issued a notice. Provisions since July 21, 2016, according to the regulations, in addition to foreign affairs reception and investment and other activities, the province’s official activities are not allowed to drink, the working day shall not be allowed to drink at noon. State owned enterprises, state-owned financial enterprises and institutions that do not refer to the administration of Civil Servants Law shall refer to these provisions. read more

How to promote the development of manufacturing industry in Bazhong

in the continuous development of the economy today, a lot of urban enterprises have achieved long-term development, but in the face of the current social situation, do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises is very necessary. So, how to promote the development of the manufacturing industry in Bazhong? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

eliminate backward production capacity. Intends to use 5 years in the field of cement, coal, building materials, textile and other backward enterprises 80, saving 100 thousand tons of standard coal, 200 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions, occupies 500 acres of land, as a new industrial development of the replacement of the resources and the environment space. read more

High school graduates to start a direct film

because many people are relatively young, so dare to dream after the implementation, then say the entrepreneur is very not, after their high school graduation began their own movie, and also gained recognition.

12, senior middle school graduates Deng Binzheng for the network comedy "men and women" have embarrassed the busy, the network drama investment by a company in Hongkong, Beijing and Guangdong millions of dollars, the two companies jointly produced Deng Bin, the company responsible for the production, main attractions in Nancheng and Wan Jiang. read more

Pajamas top ten brands list

improvement of economic conditions, so that people have a higher quality of life for the pursuit of a higher, so, after returning home will have a home service, sleep will have pajamas. Pajamas are designed for people to sleep at night with clothing, good pajamas can bring people comfortable and stable high quality sleep. Following with the small series of pajamas look at the top ten brands list, what kind of pajamas good quality.

pajamas ten brands list NO.1, finthen

underwear brand floral thin pajamas, T-shirts exquisite tailoring, their graceful neck beauty, beautiful lace stitching irregular, elegant and fashionable. read more

Analysis of the advantages of cat nest coffee

coffee, one of the world’s three largest non-alcoholic drinks, is sold every year in the world with a staggering amount of money, and for China, a populous country, there is a growing demand for coffee. Whether young or old, like coffee to bring their own leisure time. If you want to invest in business, Xiao Bian think to open a coffee shop is very good? So what coffee to join the project better? What about the cat nest?

cat nest coffee has the following three main operating advantages.

a strong brand strength read more