Xu Jia Xing from the development of a push of electronic commerce tactics

to join a push for some time, push the development of an amazing speed, PR, Alexa, the key ranking is very good. Today, a feature article, from a push to promote the methods used to associate the electronic commerce tactics.

1 personal fame.

I remember a time in the

Adsense nets to see Jiang Likun (a webmaster) several articles that push the jianglikun article easy to understand, practical, write the confusion and give the solution of the webmaster, deeply love you. It can be said: a push from the understanding of jianglikun began. read more

Bid farewell to the rapid youth group will enter the era of cast vote

(editor’s note) China’s Internet will end a year full of ideals and decadence. Numerous life and death, joy and sorrow, let the story of red and black 2011 is still capable of evoking praises and tears. Starting today, speed transit network will end by the end of 2011 to form feature sexy and sad, no matter 2012 is not like the appearance of the legendary history of the Internet, China will constantly self redemption on the board to spring unsinkable.

(one of the speed transit network at the end of the year if the "group purchase" feature) could speak, will be the rapid youth behind, thousands and thousands of words, it is difficult to generalize the vicissitudes of life. read more

A big fan of the economy the annual income of millions of business models you made it

Abstract: an electricity supplier practitioners also told reporters that at present, the electricity supplier model’s identity has been diversified, many business models with personal influence has become a business partner or even have their own brands, including the annual income of millions or even more groups, but there is still only a very small minority.

mentioned models, we think of professional, high cold, when the model suffered the Internet, the industry is undergoing tremendous changes. In recent years the development of e-commerce, and promote the rapid development of industry chain, and produced a series of new occupation, like network bargainers, network model, network decorators, network anchor and so on, which is some traditional trades with the Internet, some new types of work. read more

Class is currently ten merchants high tech brush can not see a single Ali installed

[Abstract] Tmall mid caught a single brush, brush single bright blind double eleven year. Known as the real self contempt paint system of single brush is too fake, easy identification technology; single brush head LOW burst spell contempt, money money rather than rely on technology by her IQ lying to make money. Various single brush techniques, exhaustive wisdom.

this year, eleven in a number of schools in the small series is a group of mysterious brush single figure GET to the detailed research, the original is a high skill brush business, even Ali have been bullied. read more

Reflections on the practice of O2O city electricity supplier

text / Wang Gang

is the last O2O project investment is like a raging fire, the local city shopping, community service, delivery based on domestic nanny, beauty cosmetic industry and so on, just a lot of 90 projects emerge in an endless stream, college graduates have entrepreneurship, encouraging is the first line of the Internet cafes are also in the release of various signals, predict the future land is O2O. In the "national entrepreneurship, national O2O" era, which is facing great opportunities for entrepreneurs, also means that the living environment will be more intense competition, the same pattern can hardly be avoided; moreover, O2O projects are required to carry out the localization operation, in the "last mile" in how to build their own moat read more

699 yuan value fingerprint identification Telecom TCL music play 2C open appointment

since the TCL communications in December 2nd in Beijing, China Grand Hotel held a new conference, music play 2& 2C by the industry and outside the keen attention. December 10th 10:00 am, TCL music play 2C official website in TCL, Jingdong mall, China Telecom 189 online business hall shock first, open the reservation channel. And will be on sale in December 18th, priced at 699 yuan.

ultra high performance price ratio, the achievements of telecommunications users new Gospel

as the first open appointment to play 2C music, which is equipped with 5 inch high-definition On-Cell and full screen fit, equipped with fingerprint recognition, 4G network, quad core Qualcomm snapdragon processor, equipped with Dual 8 million pixel camera and flash and soft lights front, built-in 2GB RAM+16GB ROM storage combination, lekong 2 etc.. read more

The development of e commerce the status quo opportunities and problems coexist

in recent years, with the development of information technology and popularization of Internet, the environment of e-commerce development in our country and the use of the results has undergone tremendous changes, plays an increasingly important role in the prosperity of the domestic market, expand consumption and reduce logistics costs, improve circulation efficiency etc.. From the national strategic perspective, e-commerce has an important reference index to carry the entire national economy, the development of e-commerce has become to promote the transformation of economic development mode, an important way to improve the quality and efficiency of national economy. read more

BlueFate analysis of the current situation to buy buy more healthy

network buy, simply means that the Internet platform to gather a large group of people with a relatively low price to buy the same product or service. I believe we are very familiar with the network buy. At present, the number of group purchase website there is a feudal lords vying for the throne in a short period of time, the rise of several large group purchase website giant and small numerous website.

Why is

group buying website so hot?

from the consumer’s point of view, because the group reflects the fun of the group, the strength of the group. read more

The operator said the mobile phone user has not registered real old brake machine

news August 28th, the mobile phone users in September 1st will be the implementation of the system, after consultation, the three major telecom operators have said will strictly enforce the new mobile phone real name system, the user must use real identity registration can apply for communication services, but does not mean that the old user has not registered immediately shut down, but these old users if you want to go for business hall when they need to go through the real name registration.

operators do not perform will be fined read more

Wine electricity supplier to enter the era of multi competition online and offline closed loop diffi

– reporter Xia Fang

development of the electricity supplier channels do liquor O2O has become a trend, in the face of a growing number of wine enterprises and dealers to join the ranks of the electricity supplier, electricity providers have entered the competition era of long liquor.

just past the 6.18 big wine price war is still ringing in the ears, but the price war has not set off a big wave in the wine industry. In the industry view, the transformation of the wine enterprises and dealers have entered a benign stage, affects the price war on the traditional channel price system, the transient impact of price war becomes smaller. read more