Sunday Blog: 5 lists of 5 thankful thanks on Thanksgiving

first_img5. Five news stories I’m thankful I’m not covering as a news reporter…21. Ferguson, Mo. Yes, I like exciting events – as most journalists do. But, seriously, covering people burn their own towns down would anger me greatly.22. A Barack Obama press conference – because if I want to write about nothing being said I’d just attend as well attend local city council or school board meetings.Help us all…23. Anything about Justin Bieber – Oh, wait a second, I would love to write about his stupidity on a daily basis. Strike this from the thankful list.24. The federal budget – or any budget in particular. There is nothing that sucks the life out of a human being or a business than a #$%@ budget. Any day I’m not writing about the budget is a good day.25. The election. Because it’s over, it’s over, it’s over!… until next time.Follow us on Twitter. 2. Five Sumner Newscow things I’m thankful for …6. My advertisers and readers – who keeps this website rolling.7.  Spellcheck on this computer – for obvious reasons. 8. Chaos – because if it wasn’t for chaos, Wellington might be slightly dull to write about.9. Wellington Daily News – for making this website more relevant.10. My cell phone – for allowing me to be at least somewhat technologically efficient with live blogs and videos – since I’m close to being technologically moronic. 4. Five events I’m most thankful I didn’t participate in this Thanksgiving…16. The Black Friday sale on Thursday evening at Wellington Wal-Mart. I hate massive crowds, and I heard people were tackling one another trying to get to certain items…17. Black Friday anyplace, anywhere – because it is so superficial on so many levels…18. The watching of the Detroit Lions-Chicago Bears game in its entirety…19. The Macy’s Parade – because I really can’t sing or dance and those performers are awesome.20. The eating of pumpkin pie – because, really. Why do people eat pies that look like horse apples?No, thanks… 3. Five news stories I’m thankful to write …11. The election wrap-up story – because the election is over, over, GOD ALMIGHTY IT’S OVER!.. until next time.12. Police notes – Because no matter how unmotivated I am and there is nothing in the world to write about, I can throw up the daily police notes and know I have satisfied half my readership.13. My Cueball columns – because if for anything else, I amuse myself.Garage Sales has sure given my Aunt Ethel a lot to be excited about.14. Sports stories- because when you get right down to it, I’m a sports editor at heart and it is where I’m the most comfortable.15. Garage sales – because the “post your free garage sale ads” feature on this site has been much more popular than I thought could be humanly possible.center_img 1. Five of the most important things for which I’m thankful … 1. My God — who without him/her nothing is possible.2. My wife — who I can’t even begin to describe what she means to me and has done for my life.This picture taken of the family dog Harley (no longer with us) and Devin, my oldest in April, 2005.3. My kids — all three unique individuals, who are outstanding people in their own right.4. My friends – who keep me honest and laughing.5. My dogs, every single canine I ever have had — because I love dogs. by Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — Five lists of five thankful thanks for this Thanksgiving holiday season…last_img

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