Layla Kainber Serves as Page in the State Senate

first_imgFacebook166Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Washington State Senate DemocratsLayla Kainber and Washington State Senate. Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake StevensDuring the week of March 2, Layla Kainber of Olympia served as a page in the Washington State Senate. Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, sponsored Kainber’s weeklong experience in the Legislature.“It was a pleasure to sponsor Layla this week,” said Hobbs.During the week, pages assist senators and staff, attend lectures with guest speakers and go to page school where they create their own bills in a mock committee setting. Kainber drafted a bill that would implement later start times in public schools. Schools would start an hour later than normal. “My group liked the idea, the bill seemed very different and I really liked explaining my beliefs to people,” Kainber said.Kainber’s dad works in Olympia, and Kainber applied to the page program because she was interested to see what her dad did every day, she said.“It was fun meeting new people, getting to know the other pages and feeling comfortable here. It only took me a few hours until I felt confident working here, I’ve always enjoyed reaching a new hurdle and pushing through,” Kainber said.Kainber knew Sen. Hobbs, but got to see him work while she was paging.“He’s so great. I have a lot of respect for him,” Kainber said. “It’s nice to see him stand up for what he believes in on the Senate floor.”Kainber reflected positively on her week at the Legislature.“It seems hard at first, but it becomes really fun after a few hours,” Kainber said. “Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.”Kainber 15, is a sophomore at Olympia High School.  She also enjoys rowing, reading and playing the viola.For more information about the Senate Page Program, contact [email protected]last_img

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