Casillas already knows that Rubiales suspends the elections due to the coronavirus

first_imgThe president of the Federation, Luis Rubiales, will announce today his decision not to call elections to the presidency of the Federation. His idea was to meet the Delegate Commission on the 25th and set the date for the elections to be June 8, but after a conversation with the Secretary of State for Sport, Irene Lozano has given up on calling elections “because her head is not in that, but in everyone’s health,” Federation sources said.Elections could be held in the fall The scenario that now opens is to hold the elections for the presidency of the RFEF in the autumn, since Rubiales will wait until the virus remits to comply with the obligation to call the elections in the Olympic year, for which he has until December 31 . The postponement of the Euro Cup saves time, but since the WHO cannot give an approximate date for the remission of the pandemic, and since the elections cannot be called in the summer, during the players’ holidays, it is very possible that they cannot be summoned until the beginning of the next season, which would take the electoral day to the autumn. In the conversation that Irene Lozano had with Rubiales, it was not necessary for the Secretary of State to remind the President of the RFEF that, postponing the elections in Galicia and the Basque Country, there was no point in keeping the electoral dates of the RFEF. But it was not necessary, Rubiales anticipated and informed the CSD that he was suspending the planned electoral calendar, which he will not submit for approval. The other candidate, Casillas, already knows Rubiales’ decision.last_img

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