Why does Real Madrid not have an eSports team?

first_imgThe way of entering is diverse. There are clubs like Atlético and Valencia, for example, that have joined forces with established eSports teams. Barcelona and Mallorca, for example, go free. The competition orchestrated by LaLIga and the one organized by the VFO (Virtual Football Organization) is played with FIFA20, from the company EA Sports (which works, by the way, with Madrid). The culé club and the Balearic Islands have a sponsorship agreement with a rival company, Konami.Millions of views, audiences in seven countries …Anyway, if there was any doubt about the reach power of eSports and the business that is opened to professional soccer clubs, the Ibai Llanos charity challenge (€ 190,000 was raised) that Asensio won was an event even outside of Spain. More than 11 million views through the official LaLiga channels and Ibai’s Twitch profile. An event that it was followed in seven countries and was even televised. And a trend in which other major European Leagues are involved. “Sooner or later Madrid will be part of this world, it is unstoppable”, tells AS an expert in the field. The coronavirus crisis, in fact, seems to have temporarily stopped projects like this in the white entity. The first steps were already being taken. One of the first attempts of the entity of Chamartín was with the MAD Lions, one of the most prestigious teams in Spain, in the hands of two well-known others gamers Y YouTubers (Vegetta777 and Willyrex). That did not set up and Madrid is still waiting for how to enter the world. First, only the Concha Espina club, Real Sociedad, Athletic and Osasuna remain. Second, Rayo Vallecano and Almería are missing the event. The video game sector is one of those that has exploded with the confinement forced by the coronavirus pandemic. Day yes, day also, even professional footballers show themselves on social networks showing their skills during quarantine. One of them, Marco Asensio, has proven to be a crack in command of FIFA20 and he took the charity challenge that Ibai Llanos organized against other Primera players. A domain that is also showing in the organized matches between representatives of the teams. Thanks to the Balearic Islands, Spain beat Germany. The eSports They are getting a fresh boost, connecting with younger fans, and clubs have happily hopped on the eSports train. They are the majority: 36 of the 42 LaLiga clubs have an eSports team … Why Real Madrid has not yet entered this business so upward? The virtual ‘model’ of the pavilion that will house eSports after the reform of the Santiago Bernabéu. Real Madrid’s position is clear: will not enter until you have a powerful project within rangeand. It happened to him with the feminine soccer, although the jump was not going to do so much to beg. That it is on the club’s roadmap was evident in the announcement of what the new Bernabéu will be like. Among the news, Florentino Pérez announced the creation of a pavilion to host eSports competitions. The club’s priority right now is to analyze and plan how to combat the serious economic effects that COVID-19 is leaving behind. The eSports in Madridista key will, for now, have to wait.last_img

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