Clemente, “very burned” with the confinement: “Why can’t you play golf 25m from another?”

first_imgJavier Clemente, former coach of Spain and former coach of Athletic Club and Real Sociedad, considers that the final of the Copa del Rey this season between both Basque teams should be played “when LaLiga opens and the two teams agree, whether in June, July, August or whenever possible.”“To me, playing the week before the final in 2021 seems like a ridiculous phrase,” said the coach in an interview with Onda Vasca. in which he considered that the options on possible dates for that party are “bullshit” and “a subject to fill in the media.”Clemente does consider that “the issue is for the players who end their contract”, a question that Athletic -in which they ended their relationship on June 30, Beñat, San José and Aduriz- “little affects” because the staff ” it would be very similar if they don’t renew. ““Aduriz says that ‘I leave football’, but he can also say ‘I give the club two months and if the coach wants to put me on.’ The other two are going to continue playing elsewhere if they don’t renew, but he doesn’t,” he said. However, For Clemente, the case of Real Sociedad “is different” because “it has players who do not know if they continue or not, in addition to Martin Odegaard – who is loaned by Real Madrid – and others.”“Or if they buy from the striker or if someone does not renew. They can play four or five players. It is a different problem because now they have a team that works very well. Everything can change depending on the date of the final,” he added.The coach, on the other hand, sees it “feasible” that the league competition can be resumed “in May” as long as he returns to training a few weeks earlier, “but with control.”“If everyone is medically healthy, with tests every day or every other day, I do see it. I don’t know if that is medically controllable at all. If they start out healthy and going for bread they catch it, maybe that’s where the problems come from. They would have doctors talk about, but my opinion is that it could be done, “he said.Finally, Clemente acknowledged that after “having done it every day” is “very burned with confinement” because he considers that “he who is healthy must be on the street, he is 40 or 90 years old. Why can’t you play golf 25 meters from the others in the game or tennis one on each side of the court?” I ask.last_img

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