Guyana to seek Denmark’s assistance for local energy development – Granger

first_imgWith Guyana embarking on developing its energy sector, the country is looking to tap into the experience ofPresident David Granger and the Kingdom of Denmark’s Ambassador to Guyana Kim Hojlund Christensen shortly after the accreditation ceremony on Wednesdaythe Kingdom of Denmark as it accredits a new non-resident Ambassador.Denmark’s Ambassador to Guyana, Kim Hojlund Christensen, handed over his Letters of Credence to President David Granger on Wednesday at the Ministry of the Presidency.Upon accepting the accreditation documents, the Head of State noted that with the appointment of Ambassador Christensen, the existing relations between Guyana and Denmark will be further strengthened.On this note, he pointed out that Guyana is particularly looking forward to working closely with Denmark to advance cooperation for the development of the renewable energy sector in order to build a green and sustainable society.“Denmark is an international bellwether in development of sustainable energy… Guyana, like Denmark, is a small low lying coastal state; in fact, we are one of the smallest states on the continent of South America. So we are keen to learn from Denmark’s experience with community energy models which can guide our own path towards implementation of our national green agenda,” he stated.The President went on to say that relation between Guyana and Denmark over the years has been characterised by principles of mutual respect, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs and cooperation for mutual benefit. He specifically recalled the agreement signed in 2004, cancelling Guyana’s commercial debt to Denmark.Moreover, Granger noted that Guyana looks forward to continued cooperation with Denmark in addressing common global challenges. “Guyana is committed to continuing to be active in global issues such as mitigation, adverse effects of climate change with the aim of finalising sustainable solutions,” he remarked.On this note, the Guyanese Head of State ratified the May 2016 Paris Agreement as well as committed to realising, through international co-operation and national developmental initiatives, the ambitious objectives that were set as part of the United Nations 20-30 Agenda for Sustainable Development.Meanwhile, in brief remarks, Ambassador Christensen, who is based in Brazil, expressed his commitment to promoting cooperation and developing the good relations between Guyana and Denmark.“The relationship between Denmark and Guyana is both longstanding and marked by mutual respect and friendship,” he stated.The Diplomat noted that Denmark and Guyana are committed to showing that the world can come together on important decisions, as was demonstrated at induction of the new Sustainable Development Goals in New York last September and by the Climate Agreement in Paris in December.Furthermore, Christensen pointed out that efforts to combat climate change and its impacts is of particular importance for low lying coastal countries, such as Guyana and Denmark.“Our countries geo-interest in ensuring strong and effective multilateral organisations is the framework for dealing with challenges of globalisation,” he stated.The Ambassador went on to outline that with Denmark having strong historic ties with North European countries and its membership within the United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU), it creates a background of common policies and democracies between itself and Guyana.Diplomatic relations between Guyana and the Kingdom of Denmark dates back to November 16, 1979. (Vahnu Manickchand)last_img

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