2 C on Eric Duncan: “On one hand, I’m with him; on the other,…

first_imgIn an interview with Lib Life on Tuesday via Facebook, the artist who is commonly known as “2 Crazy” responded to rumors of him being a nephew to Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who transported Ebola to the United States. “Oh no, he’s not my uncle. But know him personally. He was actually a friend of a friend we knew back in 1995 in the Ivory Coast. My mom and I lived in Abidjan for a while. My family has known Eric since 1995. He even called and spoke to my mom (Annie Mulbah) when he first arrived on the 20th.”  When asked whether he believed it was a diabolical move on Duncan’s part, knowing he had encountered an Ebola patient and lied about it; the artist said, “I mean, on one hand, I’m with him and on the other, I’m not.  “This is a life and death situation,” 2C explains. “I’m with him because; let’s say if he were to stay in Liberia with that deadly virus, he would’ve probably died just like all the other Ebola patients due to the poor health system.  But with Eric Duncan coming here to the States and knowingly having the virus but was still intimate with his girlfriend more than one time, and mingling with the children as well – that, I’m against. Even if he had a plan to come to the USA and knowingly had the deadly EVD, first thing he should’ve done after arriving was quarantine himself and let it be known that he might be affected. I believe if that was done, he would’ve gotten treated right away and the USA would’ve well respected him and all this chaos on the media now about him wouldn’t be”. In as much as the musician expressed his doubts as to whether Eric Duncan knew he was transporting the Ebola Virus to the United States, he stressed that it was confirmed by Eric’s workmates here in Liberia during an interview.Meanwhile 2C is one of the many Liberian artists adding their Voices creating awareness through music about Ebola. His latest Effort, “Ebola Leave My People” has racked up almost 400 views on YouTube.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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