Lalit Modi says BCCI bent rules to outlaw ICL

first_imgFormer IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi on Monday made startling revelations that the BCCI forced the ICC to change its constitution to outlaw the now defunct Indian Cricket League.In a series of tweets, Modi, who was sacked as IPL commissioner in April last year, disclosed that the BCCI had wanted ICL to shut shop at any cost and it flexed its muscle to ensure that ICC and the other Cricket Boards fall in line.”ICC set up a three member committee with me, Giles Clarke – president ECB – and Norman Arendse – president CSA – to draft the new constitution. BCCI called every member of ICC to ensure that they all help in changing the ICC constitution to outlaw ICL,” Modi wrote on his Twitter page.”ICC used Bird and Bird, a UK-based law firm to ensure Regulations to stop ICL was made consistent globally. The three-member team worked with them. We drafted the same and then BCCI ensured it was approved and implemented with lightening speed. Result – Demise of ICL.”Modi, however, admitted that he was part of the efforts to scuttle the ICL as he was one of the three- member ICC panel which worked on the matter.”Yes I was part of BCCI and ICC when these decisions were taken.I am not denying that. All I am doing is telling you what happened,” he wrote.Lahore Badshahs, led by Inzamam-ul-Haq, won the now defunct ICL tournament in 2008. AgenciesHe said the BCCI used everything in its arsenal to finish the ICL. “Yes I admit it was a mistake to have systematically used everything in BCCI’s arsenal to finish ICL. Yes we as BCCI called all and Sundry to oppose ICL. Cricket associations were told not to give there grounds or fear losing matches,” he said.”Advertisers were called and told if you advertise on ICL than you will be barred from all BCCI cricket. Players were told do not play for ICL or we will blacklist you. This then BCCI had to implement thru change of constitution.advertisement”BCCI even terminated Zee Sports contract unfairly as they had launched ICL and BCCI wanted window for IPL. Commentators were called and told do not associate with ICL or BCCI will ensure we will not take you… BCCI even went to the extent of blacklisting suppliers like TV Production cos, Event Managers who worked with ICL.” Modi said the final straw was to offer ICL players an amnesty scheme so that they would desert ICL and join IPL.Modi also gave his reasoning on why he remained quiet for so long and did not reveal these when he was with the BCCI. “Why am I revealing all this now – I always said I will reveal everything one day. So what better day to start then Today. Whether it is right or wrong – that question needs to be asked from the organisations. I did not run them – only part of them,” he wrote.’Spineless people’Modi has ridiculed the BCCI for reportedly suggesting that he might be involved in the organisation of the upcoming Sri Lankan Premier League, in which Indian players have been barred from participating.”It seems best way to scuttle any plans is to say Lalit Modi is behind it. Good to know that just mentioning my name can send a shiver down their spines,” Modi wrote on his Twitter page.”Guess they are a bunch of spineless people running the show. Who have no clue as to what to do. Not that they ever had. I had to do it for them.” Media reports today claimed that the reason why the BCCI refused to permit Indian players to participate in the league was that it believed that Modi might be involved in its organisation.”It just shows that Mandarins at BCCI have no clue what is happening in the cricket world.They can’t see beyond their own shadow,” fumed Modi.- With inputs from PTIlast_img

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