Summer Ready

first_imgSummer leaves no room to hide that bulge. Hit the fitness track with our selection of the coolest gear of the season.Dive Ready: The cool Reebok Women’s Splash swimsuit will make you want to plunge into the pool every day. Fitted bust pads stop points from showing. Rs 2,499Tank Top: Adidas Be Strap top combines comfort and fashion. It’s made with feather light breathable cotton fabric that keeps you cool even when you burn (calories)! Rs 899Hands-On: Pumping iron? Don’t forget your Reebok fitness gloves. They give you a good grip and protect your delicate hands against blisters. Rs 1,799No-sweat Tee: Workout sessions aren’t about wearing boring, plain colours: try out Adidas’ light and bright Balance Tee. It’s dry-fit, so no more ugly sweat patches when you work out. Rs 1,099.Climate Control: This Adidas tank top is apparel with brains. It scores on both fronts: support-it has an internally fittedsports bra-and utility-it has an iPod pocket. Rs 1,299Tone-Up: The Reebok Reetone slacks define the contours of your perfectly toned legs. Its ResiTone bands create resistance to strengthen your leg muscles.Rs 3,999 onwards depending on the fabric.Tennis Serves: The Adidas Roland Garros Tennis Skort is ideal for the sport. Made with environment-friendly recycled polyester, the skirt comes with inner shorts. Rs 1,299Yoga-licious: Leg raises and stretches in asanas will be easier to do in Puma Shala yoga Pants. It has a wide waistband and narrowed ankles that are perfect for any yoga move. Rs 1,999Get Shorty: Too hot for long lowers? Flaunt your toned legs in these Adidas shorts. They’re uber cool! Rs 1,299advertisementHeady Steady: This Reebok Neo Striper bandana will tackle your unruly locks when you work out. Plus, it’ll absorb your sweat. Rs 349Cuff Cool: Reebok’s Basic wristband is made of soft fabric that’s delicate on your skin even as you try to rub off sweat. Rs 199last_img

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