It’s Roald Dahl’s Birthday, the master story teller of the 20th Century

first_imgToday marks the birthday of the maverick story teller Roald Dahl. Known for his penchant for dark humour and unexpected twists and turns, Dahl has been celebrated as one of the greatest story tellers of the 20th century and his stories have been adapted into multiple plays and movies. Be it Matilda, The fantastic Mister Fox or Mister Oswald, Dahl is recognized for sharing his viewpoint as a child in a world full of villainous adults. Here’s remembering this eccentric story teller who gave us so many wonderful fantasies to read as children and yes, who could forget the chocolate factory! As he himself said, “those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it”, here’s presenting 5 interesting points of this magician’s life.1) Roald was an ace fighter pilot and had also served in the Second World War for the British army from 1939 to 1945. Dahl was promoted as a squadron leader and served in the Royal Army as an intelligence officer. Whoa! And you thought that a man known for children’s stories cannot be a bad-ass fighter pilot shooting down Nazi aircrafts.2) Dahl was exceptionally tall, reaching 6 feet 6 inches and he excelled at sports as well. During his schooling years, Cadbury, the chocolate company would occasionally send boxes of new chocolates to his school to be tested by the pupils. Dahl would dream of inventing a new chocolate bar that would eventually win the praise of the company owners themselves. This proved the inspiration for him to write his third children’s book, Charlie and the chocolate factory!advertisementA still from Charlie and the chocolate factory. Picture courtesy: Twitter/drkaleighjc3) During the world war years, Dahl acted as an intelligence officer and supplied information to an organization British Security Coordination about the axis forces. Just a routine defense job, right? Well, this organization was a cover-up for the actual British intelligence agency, MI6 for which James Bond works! Dahl took his tough image to an entire different level.4) After his demise in 1990, Dahl was given a proper Viking Funeral as he was buried with snooker cues, burgundy, chocolates, HB pencils and a power saw. Even today, children leave toys and flowers at his grave acknowledging the man who gave countless treasures to them.5) Not just a story writer, Dahl also scripted many films and television shows  such as Wily Wonka and the chocolate factory, Chitty chitty bang bang and you only live twice.last_img

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