Green Morocco Plan, Essential To Boosting Rural Agriculture Output: Official

Rome – Morocco’s strategy to promote agricultural development, Green Morocco Plan, aims at boosting output of rural family and smallholder farming through providing better technical support, Secretary General of the Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry, Sadiki Mohammed said.Speaking at the 38th session of the Governing Council of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), held on February 16-17 in Rome, Sadki said that the Green Morocco Plan aims at opening up hard to reach mountainous zones through reducing poverty by increasing agricultural productivity.He said rural areas are at the heart of sustainable development efforts and initiatives aiming at ensuring food security. In this respect, Sadki also thanked the IFAD for its support of the Green Morocco Plan. The event, was also an opportunity for Sadki to shed light on various achievement of the Plan, notably the accomplishment of MDG1 before the set deadline of 2015.He said Morocco’s agricultural experience is becoming a model for other African countries, adding that Morocco spares no effort to disseminate its experience through south-south cooperation.

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