Gdim Izik Victims’ Families & Friends Create Coordinators Association

Rabat – The Association of the coordinators of Gdim Izik victims’ families and friends was founded Friday on the occasion of the Human Rights Day, celebrated on 10 December. The choice of this day to create the association stems from its belief that “the right to life is the most sacred human rights. The right to life of our 11 sons was savagely violated. They were murdered in cold blood while doing their duty during the dismantling process of the Gdim Izik Camp on November 8th, 2010, in the suburb of Laayoune city”, the association said in a statement.The association aims to inform about the victims of Gdim Izik, who were working as members of public forces; martyrs of the national duty. It intends to use all legitimate means, against all attempts to obliterate the horrible crime against our sons, preserve the memory of the victims and pay tribute to them; as the law must be definitely applied against the culprits.It also aims to represent the families of the victims in the different national and international forums and give voice to the real victims, and defend the legitimate interests of the victims’ families, according to the same source.Based on the above-mentioned objectives and following the decision of the Court of Cassation to refer the case of the murders to the Court of Appeal and schedule the hearing on December 26, 2016, the association decides to “take all necessary measures to follow and observe this trial and seek to join the plaintiff to inform the Court about the sufferings of the victims’ families and highlight and present their legitimate and rightful demands”.The association, which calls upon all bodies and persons who believe that it is a just cause to support the association, considers that referring the case to the Court of Appeal “is an important opportunity to highlight the sufferings of the victims’ families and to stand against all attempts to disregard the criminal nature of the acts, present the culprits as victims themselves or totally ignore the crimes against our sons who were actually the real victims”.It takes this opportunity to reaffirm that it believes that justice will be served in the court, as an effective judicial redress mechanism, which “will indeed highlight the criminal acts against our sons who were murdered by the perpetrators in a barbaric and inhuman way, mutilating, urinating on and distorting the corpses”.

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