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← Previous Story Onesta and Krumbholz are the best coaches in 2011 by IHF Next Story → Frisch Auf Goppingen wins EHF Cup! The EHF Final4 is a huge success for handball, and is the biggest party for handball clubs around the world.With this model there are more surprises, while with the old model it was all a bit more mathematical, usually favourites won, but now with only one match…….everything can happenWe have to learn a lot of things about Basketball yet.If there something to say that perhaps the handball headquarters in Vienna must change in some moment, is to make more handball Final4’s to other places except Cologne, where the same success will be experiencedFor me the favorites in the semifinals are Atlético de Madrid and Kiel. But in fact I haven´t got a magic ball to know what is going to happen…..Perhaps the best semifinal may be Atlético Madrid-AG Kobenhavn, where the defenses and goalkeepers will be very important for the final result.The other semifinal is a match between two German teams, where Kiel is the favourite, and despite that they may be playing faster in Europe, but I’m sure that Füchse Berlin, the great surprise in the Champions league, is going to fight until end very well led by their coach Sigurdsson. Antonio Carlos OrtegaEHF F4 Blog by Antonio Carlos Ortega

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