Comcast to offer 10amonth Internet Essentials option for lowincome families

first_imgWith everything on the Internet these days, like banking, medical appointments, bill payments, and so on, not having Internet access at home is really a pretty large burden. Plus, with the way school is taught, most kids are using the Internet to help them with their homework every night. But, what if you can’t afford Internet access? True, you can take your laptop to a place with free WiFi or you can use the Internet at a library, but Internet service providers shouldn’t be charging $50 or more a month so that those who can’t afford the monthly cost are forced to seek the service outside of their homes.Comcast is now offering a $10 a month option for low-income families that can’t afford the regularly-priced option. Comcast charges about $30 a month (for the first 6 months) for high-speed Internet with download speeds up to 20Mbps and uploads up to 2Mbps. The $10 Internet Essentials option will offer a measly 1.5Mbps download speeds and 384Kbps uploads which we admit is better than nothing if you can’t afford the extra $20 a month.To be eligible for the discounted connection, families must meet four criteria. The first is easy; you just have to be located where Comcast offers Internet service. Second, you have to have at least one child receiving free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program. Third, you have to not have subscribed to Comcast Internet service in the past 90 days and finally, you can’t have an overdue Comcast bill or unreturned equipment. If you meet all these criteria, you’re eligible for the $10 a month service.Comcast is also offering a low-cost computer for $149.99 that’s available when you initially enroll.Don’t go getting the idea that Comcast is some sort of angelic humanitarian ISP. The company is only doing this because it was part of the agreement it had to make when it acquired NBC Universal. Whether or not the company would have offered a discounted rate for low-income families had they not been more or less forced, it’s still a great offer for families that can’t afford web access.Comcast won’t charge an activation fee or an equipment rental fee, and the price is guaranteed to stay at $10 without increase. The Internet Essentials option is due to start in September and will be offered in the 39 states where Comcast is available.via PCWorldlast_img

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