Eve Onlines PLEX for graphics card offer sells out in 64 seconds

first_imgAt the end of March, developer CCP announced quite an exciting offer for players of Eve Online. A deal had been signed with Nvidia to allow Eve’s in-game Pilot License Extension (PLEX) currency to be used to purchase a real-world GeForce GTX 560 graphics card.The announcement saw the price of PLEX shoot up on the Eve Online markets, but ultimately it was a way to get a $200 graphics card without spending any real money. The only issue was, the number of cards available had been limited to 100.As you would expect for such an offer, demand was high. The graphics card for PLEX transaction became available yesterday, and even though it was limited to just one card per account, all 100 were gone within a mere 64 seconds.The speed at which the cards were snapped up shows there’s definitely a healthy market for virtual currency to real world object transactions. CCP could, and probably should look into expanding the program as it may offer a new revenue stream for the company if they take a percentage cut on sales. At the very least it’s another novel feature for the game that may attract new players. It may have a few accountants scratching their heads when it comes time to file your return, though.I’m sure Nvidia will see the potential of these types of offers, too. The company has just seen 100 of its cards grabbed by PC gamers, many of whom will be playing games for many years to come and therefore require PC upgrades. If they use a Nvidia card now, they are likely to select a Nvidia card again in the future.via Games Press (registration required)last_img

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