Strictly business Retailers show us shoppers you care

first_imgThe changing colors of late September always make me thankful to live in a region with pronounced seasons, each with its own weather pattern and set of cultural traditions.And just as I am grateful to see the summer heat give way to the crisp days of fall, retailers are probably even more thankful for the approaching holiday season. I mean, what merchant wouldn’t appreciate the period that generates nearly 40 percent of its yearly sales?I just wish those merchants would show us customers more gratitude for helping them reach those sales goals.Really, all it takes is a “Thank you,” but that’s not what I’m hearing these days.Instead, most retail employees have replaced the traditional “Thank you” at the close of each sale with the much less sincere “Have a nice day,” an expression that almost invites me to get the heck out of that stuffy old mall or big box or boutique store and enjoy the fall weather.In fact, the phrase “Have a nice day” tells me nothing about whether the retailer appreciates my patronage and wants me back. It just plain sounds phony and flat, especially when uttered by a sales associate who cannot make eye contact.And while you might think the phrase “Thank you” is as old as the hills, it’s still more appropriate for a commercial exchange. Sadly, that saying has all but disappeared from face-to-face commerce, from what I’ve observed.last_img

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