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first_imgBoth Water Works Park and Evergreen Park in Vancouver have seen a slight uptick in crime, which has police Cpl. Duane Boynton making extra patrols in both areas. The weather was great this weekend. Check on the upcoming forecast here.Weekend’s top stories and news you may have missed:Political parties take increasingly active role in nonpartisan electionsWhen Vancouver Councilman Jack Burkman received an email last month from the Clark County Democratic Party chairman about a chance to interview with the central committee, his first thought wasn’t how to win the party’s endorsement.It was that the political party shouldn’t be making endorsements at all.“Thank you for this offer, but I ask you not to move … into formally endorsing in nonpartisan races. You will be fundamentally changing the character of these races,” Burkman wrote back to Mike Heywood, the party’s county chairman. “When you formally endorse as an organization, you cross a line I believe will harm our community.”Several share Burkman’s concern that increased party involvement will distort nonpartisan races and impose rigid thinking on civic leadership, while others say it’s healthy for local democracy. For better or worse, the parties are more involved in nonpartisan races this year.Read the full story here.Police presence reins in gangsInstead of holing up at his desk, Vancouver police Cpl. Duane Boynton writes his reports and fires off some emails while sitting in his patrol car parked at Water Works Park.The practice is not so that he can get out of the office — though he said he doesn’t mind the fresh air when it’s not raining. The real goal is to be a visible presence at a few of the city’s parks in his patrol area that have recently been the focus of complaints.last_img

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