Autonomously catch and breed shiny Pokémon using an Arduino

first_imgSince the world still doesn’t have an official Pokémon MMO, once you have caught and bred your perfect team of adorable-but-ruthless battlers, you might run out of things to do. Inevitably, you end up spending your time attempting to catch shiny versions of your favorite Pokémon — an endeavor with a success rate so low that you’ll likely move on to other games. Showing off a team of shiny Pokémon, however, is the video game equivalent of riding down a populated city street in a loud, fancy car, so you will definitely try to catch them one way or another. Now, a modder has built a little rig that automatically hunts, catches, and breeds shiny Pokémon, so you can go on living your life and break free from the shackles of virtual pocket monsters.For the uninitiated, shiny Pokémon are extremely rare, with an encounter rate of 1/8192 — or 0.01%. Statistically, they aren’t any different from normal Pokémon; a shiny is simply an alternate color palette used to decorate a critter. They derive their name from the shining glitter-like effects that appear on screen when they’re encountered.A common strategy hardcore fans use to catch shiny Pokémon involves using multiple game systems and game carts, mindlessly grinding away on each system simultaneously. So, YouTube user dekuNukem’s automated Poké-O-Matic would be a welcomed — albeit cheesy — way to accrue the glittery critters of your choice.The Poké-O-Matic rig is composed of an Arduino Micro, a Teensy 3.0 microcontroller, and a Nintendo 3DS. The rig works with Pokémon X and Y. An earlier version of the Poké-O-Matic only worked with a tactic that used the fishing rod to catch ocean-based Pokémon, but this version of the contraption is much more evolved. Using some custom code, this machine can not only grind for shinies using the old fishing rod method, but also works with the common tall grass in which Pokémon are found, as well as breeding your favorite Pokémon in order to hatch a shiny.The microcontrollers handle pushing the 3DS buttons and storing data, and the Poké-O-Matic is fully automated. It can name the Pokémon, release them, send them off to a storage box, and so on — everything you’d be mindlessly sighing through were you to attempt it manually. The source code has been made available, so if you’re proficient with coding and using microcontrollers, you could conceivably build your own Poké-O-Matic.It would be interesting to see dekuNukem build these for sale, as a Pokémon market flooded with shinies that have perfect stats might elicit a response from Nintendo. After all, the Afterburner — a Game Boy Advance mod kit that put a light into the handheld system — somewhat spurred Nintendo to stick a light inside the Game Boy Advance SP. There is currently no word if dekuNukem is planning on creating more and selling the rigs, but the amount of YouTube commenters asking to purchase one shows that there is money to be made.For now, you can just stick with our trusty guide on catching shiny Pokémon.last_img

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