Share a good book Shanghai dragon combat code Third Edition

"but Shanghai dragon has become the most standard website"

was very surprised and honored to receive the Zan Hui (ZAC) of the invitation letter, I am writing to a recommended language, from version first, version second which I read, did not expect the third version to my name.

"since the mid 1990s Shanghai dragon industry was born, try Shanghai Dragon technology really has undergone great changes in the past two years is not much, this is a period of rapid changes in the industry of Shanghai dragon. One of the changes is the mobile search beyond the PC search, which brings mobile Shanghai Longfeng demand and exploration. Two is the search engine algorithm of natural Shanghai dragon "

"now, rarely see a Shanghai dragon find everything fresh and new blog or forum posts, the old Shanghai dragon blog are almost not updated, nor what great new Shanghai dragon blog, the founder of the old stone and moderators in Shanghai are no longer for the occupation that Shanghai dragon, the dragon is in more and more people don’t what technical content of the……"


this book is still the continuation of the "Shanghai dragon combat code" style, one word: thick. At the beginning of the book take think this is a Book of thick heavy book, a total of 623. Still is the famous Matt Cutts ordered noble baby.

has influenced a whole generation of Shanghai dragon Er "Shanghai dragon combat password: 60 days of site traffic increased 20 times out of third" version, I believe this book can Zaixuhuihuang, transfer more valuable for the current Shanghai dragon ring content, more positive energy, to guide more enterprises, webmaster do website and promotion. This book is worth collecting.


to all Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and enthusiasts are good. Shanghai dragon has become a no longer warm discussion, but everyone needs the skills and position of "

book is a detailed and systematic introduction to the formal and effective Shanghai dragon combat techniques, including the modification of keyword research, website structure optimization, page optimization, external links construction, effect monitoring and strategies, as well as cheating and punishment, the list of topics such as ranking factors. In the new version also adds mobile search optimization, APP ranking of the latest Shanghai dragon technology.

in the last month I sun when there is a lot of friends say "Shanghai dragon is dead" "Shanghai dragon fashion", in fact, in this book in the ZAC also made special mention, to see the views of ZAC:

"five or six years ago, Shanghai dragon industry is very noisy, this year a lot of corpuscles. But I feel that the silence of Shanghai dragon have greater market. An industry or a technology, a hidden, mysterious, or mysterious; on the other hand, everyone in the discussion, lively and extraordinary, this is often not what a good thing. Five or six years ago the Shanghai dragon is such."

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