How to solve the non Shanghai dragon search to the problem

1, with the content page page

2, from the user’s demand of mining

cold products > method can also break down.

some of the company’s products and services are not good generalization, don’t know how to use what kind of keywords, or keywords, but not enough search volume, such as "pollution-free agricultural products", "electronic cigarettes" etc.. This time how to do

so, how to solve the "search not to" this contradiction? How to make the maximum flow rate by two? Here to share ideas to solve the problem.

, for example, if you think the search volume of pollution-free agricultural products "is too small for an idea, think about the need of pollution-free agricultural products people will encounter a problem: fear of pesticide fertilizer. Therefore, you can start from the demand, to solve the problem. The solution is to provide "clean N pesticide and fertilizer methods", "how to cook thoroughly clean the content to attract users come first, and then slowly transferred to their products. The electronic cigarette is the same, can provide easy ways to quit "," do not quit smoking this content.

to undertake to do ?

many people used to carry home the main keywords, this approach can not be applied mechanically, the main electricity supplier website keywords at least should not be put in the home, because the search engine is mainly based on information search, shopping search only a small part of. Like "smart Bracelet", "organic food", "cloud TV" this keyword should be within the content page as page to undertake, because they have a large part of the search is to understand the concept of demand, namely make clear "what exactly is the stuff, it needs to use the knowledge of the content of education.

? Is a keyword cannot represent the search demand problem, namely "the search is not to be" rooted in the China text is too broad and profound, a word can express N. Although love Shanghai more understand Chinese, but sometimes also may not know Shanghai a lot of love.

, for example, for the words "organic food", most people want to know what is the search is not to buy organic food, organic food. If your website is selling organic food business website, through the keyword guide in flow easily lost, unless you use a special content page as the page to undertake. However, search the words "Shanghai decoration", most are looking for decoration services, rather than learn the decoration of knowledge.

What is the meaning of the Shanghai dragon

first, don’t give up this small amount of search search channels. In addition, there must remember each the value of the company is able to provide products or services to help people, otherwise the enterprise existence is not reasonable. So, to find out you can help your users do what your users can get what from you, that is the problems encountered by users with your products and services.

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