Website promotion methods should be diversified individual Shanghai Longfeng not worth a hair

website promotion methods should be diversified, Shanghai dragon is one of the

I want to ask you one day, how much the chain? Can you write the number of original? And we are a Shanghai dragon team, we have the budget can buy high quality links, we have the chain Commissioner, every day the hair of the chain, we still have the original article editor, write every day original, a person you can play? Shanghai, but is to design the website well, get traffic from search engines, and you need to talk to a bunch of people fight. Do you need to consider another way, pluralistic development? This is my main point of this article, but also to those who hold the "Shanghai dragon" opinionated people all day.



in recent years, Shanghai dragon has just started in the country, as long as you can early Shanghai dragon, really can make your site in a dominant position, but now everyone knows Shanghai Longfeng, your competition after competition as can be imagined, to a certain extent, but there will be no competition, because as we all know, do in accordance with the rules of search engine, so that it will give you the flow. In the end, just like the case of decoration to beautify, it is one of the most basic means of promotion, if you want to go to the technological development, the biggest is probably to the company for a Shanghai Longfeng position, but you don’t want to just rely on a Shanghai Dragon technology to climb, I have never heard company executives know Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng operation team, Shanghai dragon person not worth a hair

if you really want to develop a station, you have to try a variety of means of promotion, Shanghai dragon is one of them, or when you fight, but others, that your site will be nothing. Now the video users so much, you have not tried to video marketing power? Look at the soft all day, have you tried, how much power? More than 10 QQ group built thousands of others, the development of fixed users, have you tried the QQ power? And email virus marketing, Forum promotion, advertising auction, you know all this?

Shanghai dragon is a common means of promotion

you as a webmaster, heard Shanghai dragon? You never heard of? OUT, Shanghai dragon is to optimize the site, make your site search engine’s favor. From the optimization of internal site optimization to the site outside, one is the original content, keywords layout, the two is the construction of the external links, I think that you should know? Some people say, as long as you take these things to the extreme, you may be Shanghai dragon master! You can make your web site to get a lot of traffic from the search engine! So, you go to try to put it into full play, the Shanghai dragon as straw, the patron saint of the website. But you don’t know, understand Shanghai Longfeng people have been very much, the execution of people missing, thinking people do not lack, some people may not take it seriously. Are you depressed? I’ll tell you why.

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