n 2012 the high quality chain channel construction

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this channel, in fact already very popular, but many people do not know how to successfully leave your links in the local classification information website, because now with strict audit degree more and more high, a lot of the chain is very difficult in the classification of information website to stay, but one foot in mind, as long as the method to still, can be realized, such as a lot of places now classified information network to provide recruitment channels, so we can use the website I need to update the recruitment information, engage in great detail, but also made a page in your recruitment website, and then classified information online left inside pages on your site. You will often be able to successful website construction of the chain! And now a lot of classified information network are local, when a city is completed, will automatically send the content to The city’s subordinate units! Such as Beijing classified information network released outside the chain of success, will be in Haidian, the local information network in Chaoyang District leave the content of the chain! Do one, to do more than

video website is becoming more and more popular, and the video website Web site outside of the chain is more simple, as long as you can upload some meaningful video, even some funny videos on the network reproduced, often can pass, but this is often the chain in the title of the video on the left, so take advantage of the title in the title should be possible to leave your website keywords or web site, although the text of the link, but also help to enhance the website ranking! There is a taboo here upload video, it is not able to relate to religion, politics, "

many people take the Shanghai dragon optimization summary for the construction of the chain, content optimization, and even said that the chain for the emperor, the content and so on, although there is a certain generality, but certainly not all of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, because we do, more important is to let the user, to provide users with better service to the key is, of course, without the support of the search engine, even if your website user experience is very high, but no one is not, after all, nowadays, has not sell themselves era, so it is very important to enhance the natural site in the search engine ranking

enhance the website ranking, a very important point, before the construction of the chain, is the site, many webmaster think, the more the chain website is better, but this idea was once very popular, but with the intelligent search engine algorithm is improved, only the lifting chain is the number is not enough. Is the need for more stable, diversified, high quality of the chain! In other words, the chain is left in weight higher than their own web site on the website of the friends of the chain, and the chain and the chain is not today issued tomorrow delete, must be stable, long! Here I come to look ahead to 2012, construction high quality of the chain of


two: the video website will be very good channel

: a local classification information website

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