Xie Mingzan what are the details of the site optimization


five: dead link detection without

this problem, I personally think that the title settings can be simple to set up 35 words is enough, you don’t want to turn a page all the words to be set up, even if you set up also won’t have what effect. If there are too many and you’ll open a page. When people if the user in the search engine to find the find you see your title would not be a string of head point to point. Can a simple simple don’t get so complicated.

website description is a website to advertise their own words, but by practice found description we have become the local accumulation of keywords, the effect is good, can go to the search engine just a search and you will find the row in front of the picture are words, such words in the title, keywords, description of the three in the. There are many online articles for you to explain the analysis that the key comparison difficult to write in the title, the relatively simple or long tail word is written in the description.

I think many people have seen, on the Internet about the details of the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng article is very much, I’m just here to summarize some of my personal practice. I’m not what truth, I only know Shanghai dragon to discover to have the effect of practice. Even if listening to others speak a lot do not practice are not JB. In fact, the overall method also said that online, only the individual implementation is in place. I try it,

website with a >

keyword tag for you to fill in this website is your keywords, here you have to control the density, many of my friends know some keywords will be better in Shanghai love accumulation in the website ranking. But do not know to have found in Google there is what? If you are such a pile of words the station Google will welcome to kill you. Hair left you not. Keywords the find out you write your analysis of the key words, it is best to appear in the title.

404 page is not less a thing, you can ensure you posted his will not delete it, it is not sure that this time, the 404 page play a role. Robots is a search engine to the site you must first check. We are not difficult to understand, we can see the Google webmaster tools, there is an official Google webmaster tools, which will have a set of robots, if you do not set the words he will prompt dead link. Is whether you robots how to at least you want to put a robots.txt file to your web site root directory

four: 404 pages and robots do not

two: how to set the


three: the description of the website how to write

: the title of the website is how to set the

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