How to within one month and the blog hang shlf1314 Advertising to make moneyGong Haiyan starts again

Beijing Wudaokou southeast corner Rossmax building, various English training institutions get together to survive, such as education, Department of education, Beijing IELTS School English huge sign hung on the glass wall, to attract students. Gong Haiyan’s new company is located on the 11 floor of block D, this building.

new company has a small office space: less than 100 square meters of office, and a few less than 20 square meters of compartments. And not spacious offices, packed with 24 staff members.


This year the

, like many entrepreneurs, works at full capacity every day, and all her hobbies are buried in her heart. She said she wanted to see a movie with her family, but she hadn’t been to the cinema for a long time.

this group of data is to tell us, want to hang ordinary advertising, at least to achieve 3000 points, want to hang shlf1314 Advertising, then have 233000 points, and then look at the dispatch and give the integral rules, this group of data:

revision could hit ninety percent blog webmaster friends, why? Because no longer want to hang the blog ads hung up, have high points can, as integral to how high? Look at this group of data

such as BITAUTO chairman Li Bin, vice president of Jiayuan quwei and Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan.

paying users are mostly corporate executives,


financial weekly reporter Huang Jian / Wen


if she doesn’t introduce herself, it’s easy to think of an ordinary employee in the office.

also welcome to add me as "good friends"

today sends an article "how to make shlf1314 advertising money on blogs and blogs within a month"?. Why do I want to talk about it? "And the blog" because now although you can put "ad code" but there must be a high points only, this article is to teach you to put on the 233000 integral integral shlf1314 advertisement to make money in the short term. Here, perhaps someone will say, you say is not using software or brush web site to brush it?. No, I’m talking about putting the score out in the short run.

Gong Haiyan handed the reporter’s business card shows that her latest title is 91, founder and chairman of foreign teachers network. The new site in her retiring Jiayuan CEO shortly after launch.

2011, Jiayuan successful listing, Gong Haiyan momentary fame are significantly. But a year later, the head of the listed company has not yet taken the heat, Gong Haiyan announced the departure, once again started entrepreneurship.


here we are not desperate to this? What month can hang on shlf1314? Perhaps some people will say that you do not hang shlf1314 Advertising Alliance advertising does not hang the other on the line, the other 3000 integral advertisement is enough. But the problem is now the domestic league you can trust several? A few clicks fee shlf1314? What do you do? Do we really have to abandon the "blog"? In fact, you look carefully and give the integral rule. Smart webmaster has not seen what road come? Yes, that is the "picture of the integration rules", each upload a score of 10 points, I uploaded 5, and an article sent as much as the points. Write an article, estimated to use 1 hours, every day a word, you have a few years may not have 233000 points, but send 10 pictures, with less than 1 minutes. 1000 photos will not be more than 20 minutes. Speaking of this, everyone has already understood, can go to my news and dispatch blog above to see "http:hexun/ysssy"".

this year, she was 37 years old, from the "matchmaker" has become a "teacher". She founded an online education website called "91 foreign teachers network".

Gong Haiyan told financial weekly newspaper reporter, before leaving Jiayuan CEO, she has registered a new company, will do and plan the next step.

Gong Haiyan looks very young, her small stature, eyes long tail, see the scar makeup, wearing a blue sweater, voice is soft, is a typical southern "little women".

knows, the weight of search engines for "dispatch and dispatch blog" is very high. It is much higher than my own blog "love nest". So open a blog here, not only can promote your website, but also can put some advertising, make zero money, published articles ranking is also very near, the article written good words, bring the flow is amazing. In fact, the flow means money, this does not have to, I say we all know, well, nonsense, and now go to the subject:

Gong Haiyan is known, because she founded Jiayuan dating sites, claiming to be "Helen of Troy" she was outside to "the first network matchmaker" name.

now, she leaves Shunyi every morning to arrive at the office in Haidian by 9, and after more than 10 hours of work, she returns to her home, almost 40 kilometers away.


just like 10 years ago, Gong Haiyan became a new person, into a field she had never been involved in.

financial weekly newspaper reporter when she first saw Gong Haiyan, she was working in a small office with the staff.

Gong Haiyan says that working too long in a company can make you feel tired and enjoy the process of starting a business.

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