The weight is not equal to the ranking combination can complement each other

, a misunderstanding, the weight and ranking of

there must be some internal relations between weight and ranking, must depend on each other and can complement each other. First of all, in the station optimization, search engine can effectively identify the keywords of the case. To determine the ranking order, must be the website weight. This is why we care so much, the content of the website included quantity, site update frequency snapshot. In order to improve the keywords ranking, the first thing you need to do is to enhance the site weight. Secondly, good keywords ranking, and can effectively promote the weights of the website promotion. When a user searches a keyword in the search engine, good natural ranking can website hits, together with the high content of web browsing depth and time, will give great help to enhance the website weight.

aside the competition environment, the performance can be a weight and keywords website, its performance will be more and more excellent. So the relationship between the two are interdependent, high weight can effectively improve the keywords ranking, ranking good performance also can effectively enhance the website weight. Know these, website optimization becomes very simple. On the one hand we want to find ways to enhance the website weight, on the other hand, do well in the station optimization, search engine can effectively identify the site theme and core keywords. And combine the two, for example, the quantity and quality of the link affects your weight, but also the main way of the anchor text link is a search engine to identify keywords; for example, the original article can attract the spider frequent >

in fact, many people fall into this misunderstanding, that the website weight and keywords ranking is one thing. Or that, the weight of the high site keywords ranking will be very near the top, but the fact is not like this. If the weight and ranking can equate an unusually high weight website, such as Sina, a Sohu integrated portal that appears in front of its words are ranked in other sites. If so, our webmaster will not have any chance to grow. But this is not to say that the weight and ranking Never mind, but not equal to the weight of ranking, reasonable station optimization with weight increasing, it will rise to the ideal position ranking.

in many webmaster crazy fans of the PR value, Google had clearly suggest Adsense don’t care so much. It was pointed out that the PR is the overall embodiment of a website only, Never mind too large and keywords ranking. But now, when Google defeated, China helpless farewell, many owners are still reluctant to part of the PR value, frequently mentioned and abnormal mind when exchanging links. Since the website reflects the overall weight, so Google search technology is so advanced, and comprehensive website weight assignment parameters PR is not a cloud. But what is the relationship between the weight and ranking? Or by what method, let the keywords ranking and website weight synchronous lifting, and make them combine and complement each other?

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