How to use Excel to find keywords with noble baby

, locate the keywords people looking for your business.

"? If you develop a software, easy to understand.

2. in Google or love Shanghai, enter the keyword, the search engine will automatically think of some of the relevant search. In the case of Google, you can search in the left side of the page in the toolbar from the common view (Standard view) switch to search view (Related searchs view). Note: Google English interface is related to the search view.


written in the front: I believe we have the contact of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not the end point of work, need to constantly improve the site in the search engine’s performance. A key to the success of the Shanghai dragon is the analysis of the right keywords.

3. Google magic compass (Wonder Wheel). This tool as the name suggests, is very fierce. Magical compass and related search view is similar, but compared to more intuitive, magical compass will list all the relevant search and popularity, you can click on each sub key, enter into the analysis of related keywords deeper level. With these tools, and you can be business related keywords to list.

what is the key? Key is reader retrieval they need products, services and information in the search engine with the words. For example, if you want to find how to start learning WordPress, use "WordPress tutorial" as key words, if you want to do, "website construction company" keywords.

1. and ask friends or people around expression used in describing your business words and write down these words.

two, you can choose the keyword search

uses the Google keyword tool, which is part of the Google Adwords, but you can use it to separate keywords heat analysis. Google needs to register Adwords

search volume How to interpret the word "

three, the degree of competition analysis of keywords and ensure that the selected keywords and your business.

this is the most important but also the most simple step requires only three simple steps.

input your keywords to search, Google keyword tool will list relevant keywords and their monthly search volume, can make a table in Excel, the first column is the key words, the second column is the search volume, and then press the search volume ranking, remove the monthly search volume less than 1000 keywords (Note: I think this digital reference)



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