The real Shanghai dragon Er is not stealing the article

do not have luck in Shanghai dragon

is not the real Shanghai dragon stolen articles, because he know respect copyright, the real Shanghai dragon is not stealing the article, because the end result of their knowledge acquisition is the most trouble, those people collect others in the article is nothing more than those who do not understand the chain Commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng people they, like street gangsters, with others is their own. The Commissioner of the chain, what all don’t understand, others only know to delete links with their links in the article, that included the chain increases, their task is complete, this is not the case, he did not know

shortly after the acquisition of those people, in a few months after my website asked why drop right, why not ranking? Then we don’t need to ignore them, they do you know. Xiao Tan recently found himself has written several articles are not celebrity collection, but now a search, found that the acquisition of the article to the group not closure is deleted, but the snapshot haven’t updated, so love can also see Shanghai, Shanghai love big update, you will find this article not love Shanghai you see, in the article and the link is not followed? No? The chain so lost, but those who do not know Shanghai Longfeng people do not know, still desperately, desperately acquisition, add their own links, you say they hard? Really quite hard, but only to toil with no gain, self defeating. Not everyone outside the chain of stable light may lead to drop right, or even K station.

finally, I also summarize a tip of the chain, is also necessary knowledge, that is as little as possible back to those who collected the reply, the reason I do not say, I believe you read this article.

the last small sum

your forum posts will be deleted, the snapshot will be removed so they love Shanghai, collecting fun.

what is the real Shanghai dragon

because others see the collected articles seconds, to tell the truth, I’m not collected on his blog, the most cited, reference is also explained, but Xiao Tan in the forum article once thought about collecting articles about others, then I’d like to think that this is the most stupid way, because you have the it is not for you, you need to add your link, love Shanghai even now haven’t found one will find that it is not just the algorithm calculation to this step, but it has the ability to judge, just released to you included, but later found it through calculation this article is not for you, it will delete the resulting snapshot, you outside of the chain is not stable, so if you really want to do the Shanghai dragon, don’t have that kind of luck. You don’t work hard, one day, K is your station. If you have money, then do a chant, then I have nothing to say.

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