The difference between nofollow tags and dofollow Tags

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note: in the use of nofollow site on the left on their own website information, does not mean that the search engine does not include their own website, but not to transfer PR or weight.

in the label, if you do not use the rel attribute, then the default link is dofollow, can extend the crawling spider. Only when using rel=" nofollow" when the spider to stop of the super chain extension crawling.

ofollow and dofollow, is the rel attribute in the tag. Nofollow means "do not track or prohibit tracking", that is to tell the search engine spiders do not extend the hyperlink crawling. And the meaning of dofollow and nofollow means that on the contrary, tell the search engine spiders to crawl the hyperlink extension.

in the construction of the chain, Shanghai dragon Er will usually use a hyperlinked content, the purpose is that to share the PR value and the target weight through the website or web links, so that the site or the page to achieve a high PR or weight. The Shanghai dragon field, this is the import link.


in the previous blog or forum or news page comments, do not use nofollow, but now, a lot of station system are set up in nofollow, the purpose is to prevent the existence of spam links. So, do not give Shanghai dragon Er using import links to "steal" from their PR or weight chance.

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so, now do Shanghai Longfeng comment, will use the nodofollow tool, it can confirm the target site convenient whether it is worthwhile to leave hyperlink.

According to the different versions of

browser, nodofollow tools are also many. You can use the Nodofollow version of firefox5.0 (贵族宝贝, the 5 version can be used Link Checker ( Src=api) tools, and are very easy to use, after use, can determine the left hyperlink is meaningful.

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