Shanghai dragon how you should learn how to correctly guide the way

I want to say is, if you still do not, no subjective thought, practical ability. I can only say to you is. Give up Shanghai dragon. Go back to farming. The point, you are not good. To talk about what farming soil for what food. It is because of this is. The father of Yuan Longping rice.

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon, Chinese translation for search engine optimization, network marketing is more popular in recent years, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Divided into the station outside the station and Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng two. – if you think such a commonplace talk of an old scholar useful?

start I just left school into the society, I just entered the community, what also do not understand, what is not, first arrived in Beijing, the first job is not Shanghai dragon. While work is in the IT maintenance company in first-line maintenance engineer. Oh, maybe you will ask, how will work out just to become the first-line maintenance company maintenance engineer. That is probably coincidental, may be self running hard. I think the opportunity and self effort of each half. Because the school when I get better on electronic method. Then the relationship between company and the old engineer a good reason. Have a good learning and fully practice opportunities.

next, I want to share my experience, and the Shanghai dragon

learning method?

in this time before I have to say, I had this notebook in the chip level maintenance school with two. But now the two popular between the learned only words to survey, which is the "cloud" two words. Many will not say. Talk about the Shanghai dragon.

maybe you will say, you write such a long time, you learn the process of Shanghai dragon or experience can not share. Pure waste our time. What I want to say to you. Experience is a >

Here is an example of

because of the above mentioned experience, so I didn’t go to Shanghai dragon has reported what classes ah, ah what are Shanghai dragon crash course, because I do not believe. I don’t believe in some book figure things, or others to tell you a few things, you will have what in the future. Because I think, only to understand themselves, to their practical. You will have to explain.

. Take the car for. Who knows, step on the clutch, shift. Put off, refueling. The car started. This system is called the theory of action, but not to drive a car, he knew that this theory will drive you. The answer was No. This is online to see you every day, what is the key word, what is Shanghai dragon. Or run every day in the YY ask. This happened. How do the site is K.


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