A commonplace talk of an old scholar long tail keywords theory

the above concept with theory is very easy to search from the Internet, we all agree on the long tail of " " basic concept, now to share with you, my own " " long tail theory.

1:" " long tail; whether long or short, often appear in the sentence, phrases such as " Shanghai dragon " (phrases), " what is the Shanghai dragon " (Q name). With the above general also does not have what difference]

2:" " long tail; exist in any page, I think any one page long tail can exist website home page " " " " " table; " content; for example, a web site.

lower than target keywords

1:" " long tail; name length is generally two to three words, phrases can also be

2:" " long tail; deposit is greater than the content of the page, with the title content can be.

5:" " long tail; a large number of sites to bring very large flow

through the above understanding, let us know that derived from the above theory out of the Internet " " long tail keywords; theory, there are many books on the site with " the long tail keywords " theoretical description:

4:" " the long tail keywords; bring customers into the user’s probability is

3:" " long tail; the search volume is very small, and unstable

at the beginning of finishing writing this article, can feel this article estimates will not be the majority, in order to complete the original articles, I can only do not want others to see the consequences of this article, let them speak, " " is the concept of long tail keywords; to summarize the evolution of marketing based on the long tail theory, let us first look at the " the long tail keywords " concept (from love Shanghai Encyclopedia): the long tail theory (The Long Tail) is proposed by American Chris · Anderson. The long tail theory believes that due to the factors of cost and efficiency, when the storage of goods circulation show space and channel wide enough, a sharp decline in the cost of production of goods that individuals can make the production and sales of goods, the cost decreases sharply when the demand in almost any seemingly very low The product, as long as there is to sell, some people will buy. The demand and sales of products is not high and the common market share, compared with the mainstream product market share, even more.

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