Do you think the Shanghai dragon technique is cheat you

Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon ER optimization in different ways, but if you don’t want to be search engine punishment, so some rules of the Shanghai dragon industry we cannot touch. In our Shanghai dragon industry, there are some white hat Shanghai dragon technique, was mistaken for a black hat, today it is necessary to correct for everybody.

There are many different techniques

Cheng Li Hubei (A site)

above the red label LED advertising vehicle, financial software, crane three website is my first network.


2. the same IP can not exchange Links, Links can not do the sprocket, this sentence is no basis. With a IP like one family, if someone in the family to take part in the election, so the family could not vote for him? So the same IP, but also can do Links. The same IP and different IP Links is no different, if your friend chain site were punished, even if not in the same IP, also will be punished, so why are we going to think IP can not change Links? Similarly, Links cannot do this sentence is wrong sprocket the. If I have A, B, C, D four stations, four stations are each other I do Links, this is what we call the sprocket, it doesn’t do what is not ah, each vote does not violate the principle of search engine. Just say this one site is down right, the other three sites could also be involved, but if the owners insist on Shanghai white dragon, this argument does not exist. This may be hard to believe, so I use my website as a case for you:

1. in the same industry website is not put in a IP, this word has almost become the consensus of the industry in Shanghai dragon. But why not put in the same IP, some people say that is two of the same industry site in the same IP, then the result is two sites only a website ranking. Some people say the two sites on the same site, will be implicated right down, in fact this idea is wrong. Love Shanghai will punish those who cheat in the site, if your site is optimized by the way of how the search engine will be on your site right down to it, it’s totally illogical. I like this for example, if there is a thief you are sitting on the bus, so the police could not punish all the people in the car, because only the thief crime, this is actually a truth. The search engine can’t have done such a humane judge. In fact, the earliest this idea, I think it should be summed up with technique of black hat, black hat because Shanghai dragon are always afraid of all search engines, so don’t put all of the sites are in the same IP, in order to escape the punishment of the search engine, so they will not speak like this strange. But misleading us a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel.

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