Shanghai love assessment period we should pay attention to what

love Shanghai assessment period after we should pay attention to what

finally passed the Shanghai love assessment period, some Adsense is slack, the content quality is not high, the chain is also a hair and so on, these actions will bring negative consequences more serious for you. At this time, we should not only continue in the assessment period of the work, but also the quality of work, in the very beginning of the website to obtain a good recognition, which is conducive to the development of the website.

?We first define the

love Shanghai assessment period we should pay attention to what

we can’t change others, but we can change ourselves. How to make your own website does not become a garbage station? In fact, the webmaster do not worry, as long as we create high quality content for the web site is good, original here I suggest at least 100%, in Shanghai the assessment period, it is very good, your net station in love Shanghai sandbox so, the operation will be recognized by the love of Shanghai.

many owners in the new line at the beginning in order to make the site quickly be included in search engines, a large number of the chain, exchange Links, not to mention the quality of the chain you do, the key is not timing! A new station can be said to be entering a new field of new, short time with a large number of the chain and the chain may be search engine as cheating. The suggestion is that Links can not do the chain, if you want to make high quality soft, bring effect by Gao Quanzhong platform. If some friends resource is deep, in the choice of a chain of problems, we must pay attention to one principle: correlation. Don’t do not beat the eight pole of a chain, no result is not that the opposite is seriously injured.

love Shanghai assessment of what we need to do

must be every webmaster has to do the new experience, a new station on the line after a period of time not to be loved in Shanghai included, or only included the home page, the webmaster said this time for love in Shanghai period. Some owners in this period of hard work, some owners are waiting for collection. The author’s personal blog of Shanghai dragon road Shanghai dragon in May 20th on the line, a week in the past, Google has long been the heart, yet did not win the love of Shanghai. So, I according to the several new sites I have gained experience, to share how fast through the assessment period in Shanghai love, love Shanghai and the assessment period should do what

‘s assessment of the problem is very simple, the key is filled with high quality.

In fact, for the love of Shanghai

, clear love Shanghai assessment period refers to a new website, need to go through the love of Shanghai audit, after not identified as garbage station, will be included in the search engine. No regular time, some three months, a week or even one day have passed. This speed is determined by the site update frequency and content and other aspects of the decision, so in this period of work is particularly important.

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