The characteristics of several common chain construction method

forum signature chain is relatively easy, signature hanging website address or anchor text, every time after posting replies included, just do a chain. Here are some tips on the inside, such as posting replies should as far as possible in front, posts, sofa bench floor is a good position and post position is in the front of us more favorable. But the new post is better, the new posts have not been included, this is the time to do the link waiting included, or when the card has been included, we’ll send the link to wait for the next update. At the same time the post quality is also very important, have a certain number of words, a certain value of the post are more likely to get better weight, but not easy to be K off, such as irrigation at posts can be included, but a few days may be K out, because this post has no value.

soft outside the chain is a kind of effort, but received very good effect, high weight, and can be quickly copied a lot of chain. The webmaster of common soft platform we are familiar with, such as the A5 station network, China station network, behind the forum and so on, and the respective industry > soft platform

third, the chain blog

Daily maintenance of


website said, have to mention the construction of the chain, the common construction of the chain forms such as forum signatures, inquiry platform outside the chain, the chain blog, soft outside the chain, Links and so on, here is a little about their characteristics and skills.

, forum signature

blog more easily made sprocket to keep standing, keep the N multiple blogs, the formation of a station at present chain effect is good. With the search engine algorithm changes, this chain may at any time are faced with a challenge. In order to achieve natural and reasonable, blog links and quiz links, do not have any post links, not all links are pointing to a station, at the same time to ensure the update frequency and the original blog post, set the blog title and website content location is similar to that of the contents blog and website content is the content of the same. So easy to get good weight.

second, inquiry platform outside doing chain

The first soft outside the chain

is currently more famous quiz platform weight is very good, like Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, ask Sina, YAHOO knowledge hall etc.. Q & a platform can not only get the weight of the chain, but also easy to translate directly into web traffic, especially love Shanghai know that sometimes a chain can make the website traffic in the instant surge. Use this platform to do outside the chain, first of all to keep accounts, the account level is high the chain more easily. Some questions or answers to have certain skills that we question or answer a certain value, the chain and the smooth nature, do not have the chain of each question, do not frequent the hair of the chain, try to answer some more words, so it looks more natural. Summarize the four words "natural value".

We use

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