The construction of the chain introduced several misunderstanding easily overlooked

after the study found that the construction of the chain has little effect, or just the construction successfully, after a period of time, is also love Shanghai or other webmaster shield is mainly because the construction method in the chain of serious problems, here I come to publish their research experience.

: increase the effective method of soft outside the chain

: three to > Posts outside the chain at the Forum

flagship store, the code can be seen, the Encyclopedia of the anchor text of the chain is not the weight transfer effect, but it can bring some traffic to a site, especially some popular words, after all the love Shanghai encyclopedia ranking good.


is now engaged in soft outside the chain more, but many owners found themselves spend big soft outside the chain of construction, after statistics found that several sites often is released by love Shanghai included, there is no reproduced soft outside the chain, the essence of which is not up to the soft outside the chain, actually the webmaster is valued soft outside the chain, an important factor is the value of the soft reprint ability, so to enhance the soft can be reproduced is the core of the construction of the chain of soft wen.

The There are many methods, such as the construction of the chain

of soft Wen can be reproduced? I think we can start from two aspects, one is to enhance the soft knowledge and interest, such as Jiang Likun once to the webmaster friends of the chain can send the forum summary, on the realization of the crazy reproduced, help Jiang Likun’s website has won numerous other chain; a soft release channel must be selected, the soft content and site to be relevant, such as your writing is the webmaster of the type of soft, was released to the beauty website, even soft writes well, it may cause fewer reprint.

So how to improve the

once many webmaster very love Shanghai encyclopedia or Interactive Encyclopedia on the weight of the chain, leaving the chain in the encyclopedia that can get the weight above, love Shanghai transfer, but after the author found that the chain on Wikipedia is just a process simulation user through the browser to enter the URL of the transfer is not the weight, usually as follows: hyperlink code in the form of transfer; but the encyclopedia above looks is the chain link, especially the anchor text of the chain code is:

forum, know, Wikipedia, soft, buy the chain and chain and so on, but many owners in the construction of the chain, imperceptibly come into the misunderstanding of the construction of the chain, resulting in optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng chain how to build are not able to improve the site, so there are two extremes, one is to buy up black links to seek a breakthrough, or get rid of the construction of the chain Fanlao, that the construction of the chain is not important, because the actual show that no matter how the chain construction, it did not seem to offer any help to the site.

two: anchor text encyclopedia on the chain is not important, but to bring traffic to the site

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