The actual reason analysis of a web site is down right

During a

Spring Festival is now completely gone, we are back on their work. My task is to think of a way to let my site to return to the weight, so I come here with you on my website, and I also hope that a similar situation in the webmaster to a piece of me to see how fast the website weight recovery. My website: www.js678贵族宝贝 welcome the webmaster to exchange advice.

website without timing quantitative update the Spring Festival, our unit provides its own website to be updated daily, but the new year, I at home there is no heart to update the website. So every day I update becomes a perfunctory, a lot of content updates are directly copied from other web site article, basically what changes, there is no number before update, that is to say this time the quality and quantity are not in accordance with the law before to do.


is also the day before yesterday, the morning of February 17, 2011, love Shanghai conducted a large-scale update in this update, most sites are affected, of course, the webmaster is a happy and sorrow, I belong to a member of a sad. Before updating my website, IP 300 on average, are some of the long tail words flow. But I love Shanghai after the update, the station on the IP is reduced by half, the day before yesterday and yesterday is only about 150, thus, after this update, a lot of my long tail words are out, and keywords ranking is not originally, keywords ranking is not high, but can be found, after this update, I keywords ranking did not, there is always included reduced, from these signs can be concluded: my site drop right.

we know, do optimization is the main content and the chain regularly updated and increased, but this time whether the content or the chain, are not in accordance with the previous law to carry out, resulting in the overall site right down, I think, during the Spring Festival, a lot of friends like me, are immersed in the festival of happiness and not adhere to the management of website, so this update, a lot of people are down the right site.

foreign chain does not continue to increase we all know, the increase of the chain should maintain a steady increase in the best rule, but during the holidays, although I insist every day to update the site, but really not in the mood to go to the hair of the chain, that is to say, for more than ten days site outside the chain did not increase, which also led to the direct right down the site.

site is down right, this is every webmaster are afraid of things, of course, I am no exception, so I analyzed the reason about the site down the right, there are mainly the following two points:

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