Within a week of how to quickly improve the weight of love Shanghai


3, outside the chain to fine and wide

in a week’s time, insist to update every day, an original article, but also by other articles together, then two false original article, but the original article title must contain a website long tail keywords, so conducive to ranking late long tail keywords, how to do the long tail of Shanghai dragon Chong in the www.chong贵族宝贝/news Chong in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon about how do long tail keywords "is also mentioned.

Chong Shanghai dragon think, regardless of the Baidu’s algorithm is how to change, the ultimate goal is to provide customers with the necessary services, the purpose is not to embarrass all webmaster friends, as long as we do stand, believe in must gradually improve, do not look at other people’s website ranking row up quickly, do their own on the line. In addition, we must pay attention to the user experience, the site must have the original article, don’t think of this article is to search engines look, not to read, remember, the site is in the service, for the purpose of marketing, Shanghai dragon is the only part of the network marketing.

1, the structure of the website to clear

2, the website of the


4, the intention to do


chain I think we should all understand the importance of it, the Chong Shanghai dragon is how to do the chain? It can be said that the chain Chong Shanghai dragon contains forum, B2B, blog, favorites, these chains are used to implement marketing software bugs, because before the collection site is very the rich, they selected high-quality resources more, so to do stand up to the very important role, of course, is not just to start sending, every day with a 10 – 20 insect soft hair, hair in the chain are related to the theme of the site content, and then insert the anchor text or super never add text links, URL address.

come to tell you!

Chong today to share with you a Shanghai Longfeng a new site for a week in Shanghai from 0 to 1 Neiai weight, site is from last week is from around March 8th on the line, then why such a new speed can make the weight given to the 1 love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon Chong


Chong Shanghai Longfeng site is new, some advertising of what is not, in the whole structure of the site spent a lot of time, including the title of the site, META, information navigation, breadcrumb navigation, site map and so do a lot of refinement, in addition, the root domain of 301 jump also ahead of this. The reason is, can go to the two level domain domain name root weight, when the love of Shanghai spider crawling easier.

Chong is more than a week to Shanghai dragon Shanghai love the weight of it, my website is not made, or advertising too >

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