What is the general process of new rankings from scratch

first, choose a suitable optimization program for the web site. The current mainstream PHP program undoubtedly occupy half of the country, but we found that many small and medium-sized enterprises station using the ASP program enterprise is that how to choose, be too numerous to enumerate,? The author thinks that if only a small business site, what procedures, what procedure is simple to maintain and modify our choice of what procedures, such as the ASP program this code is very simple, for the rapid establishment of asp+access is the best choice, if the site to make small portal type, the amount of information covered by the relatively large, late revision in order to enrich the content of the PHP station will be our choice of weapon station. A lot of time to select PHP care can be set for the pseudo static in the background, this way is very use optimization, so choose what program mainly lies in the combination of how to consider the building site, a simple enterprise station just to show information, so, enough to kill Yan, asp.

from scratch?

as a good Shanghai dragon Er, we must have their own optimization idea, many owners when others get a optimized site is very confident, able to quickly find the site problems and can put their subsequent optimization ideas inherited, but is to give him a new station, in the absence of any the weights and the optimization trace, they seem somewhat powerless, in fact, new and old station optimization principle is many new pre planning process is consistent with many new Adsense headache, so today pens will discuss and, what is a new ranking optimization process of

second, good structural adjustment and web page settings. Site selection is the first step to optimize the start of the program after the selection is good, we will analyze the website structure, structure generally have the following " " " F" font type, but the common is the synthesis of the two types, the first choice of layout, and structure of Chinese characters the second in the F structure, the choice of the structure in scalability is very large, mainly to see our industries and competitors, if more products, with about F structure, can be very clear to incorporate into the website to see all of the company’s core products, if the consultation and service mainly adopts integrated " " word structure, is rich in contents, home to almost show most of the company’s services, this way to give people a sense of fullness and enrich.

third: the website officially entered the optimization stage. Especially rich in the early new website content is what we must do, secondly, the external optimization stage, including the chain, chain, and this stage is very easy to enter the optimization of excessive right down the stage, so this time the key is natural, I adopt is to reduce the risk of optimization the operation, especially in the construction of the chain, BBS signature, B2B website information, text >

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