How to make a website to meet the needs of users of the site title

we have to lose weight of the word as an example, when we do lose weight site might go to the query word index weight through a series of tools, finally found the webmaster friends may find.

?First, the conception of CenterThe new

third, edit truly meet the needs of users of the site title

, reduce the bounce rate of

from the search engine to find a keyword ranking top site, from the title of the site we can find the website title is so broad, both the weight loss drug list and slimming products list, but more important is the list of this title has a problem, the ranking list and L-carnitine confused, this kind of title can introduce a lot of traffic, but the user in the search is not the love of this kind of website title, users tend to ignore this website and choose a title was accurate site.

from the source of web traffic recently, more and more attention from the user to the site title Click to enter the site, such as the list of most webmaster love operation slimming this kind of Taobao guest website, before the user will easily click to enter the top ranking in the search engine website, and now if there should be the relative user requirement and content of your website in the title, then the user may choose to give up your web site. Faced with this situation, the reform part of the site now established or new website to website title, will meet the requirements of the site from a search engine to search engine is in line with the title change and meet the requirements of the user to click on the title, so webmaster friends should do

site title webmaster written requirements must be based on a central title language, before we in the web site of the title of editing are arbitrary choice, such as a web site title contains N words, the expansion of the website traffic sources is of help, but the site’s traffic conversion rate this pattern is very low, but today we are going to change.

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Site content and Title Second, corresponding to

there are many webmaster in the choice of the title of the center only thought of the traffic problems, they often ignore the content and the title whether the corresponding problems, such as your site only way to lose weight, then don’t talk a weight loss drug list of this kind of title, if there is a weight loss drug list webmaster friends click to enter your site found throughout the site and there is no relationship with the ranking, ask your website jump out rate is high. Similarly if your website title is the method of weight loss, and the content of the website can do is method of weight loss, so it is able to reduce the rate of jump out? So I suggest the title and content of the site must be corresponding, this is the website of reducing bounce rate, reduce the rate of jump out to ensure the site’s ranking stability.

site title selected title language center,

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