Love from Shanghai statistical search words should understand what

first for his case, his website is mainly local forum, preparatory work, every day in the original article, can be said to get a piece of your precious resources is neglected. Through their modification, will have reached preliminary results released. But there is also a problem, is that the articles are included, but is unable to concentrate on the weight and website ranking still thousands of miles away. Next, their approach is:

is the integration of resources, enhance the added value; second is the sporadic phrase of these collected, rich creation, that is our daily exposure to pseudo original. You must remember that the added value of their own. The information must be based on the original information, to provide customers with more abundant and valuable articles. Can be a picture, a brief description of the correlation, or reading, or extended analysis of the structure and so on many kinds of forms. The ultimate aim is to attract potential customers to the site by click. In the course of time, increase the site itself PV, also led to an increase in the weights of the website.


finally, the editor should be told you that is in the formulation of the title keywords, something must be in accordance with customer needs, less attention, less attention of the phrase, temporarily do not consider too little attention, after all. To the related phrases through love Shanghai statistics of rich imagination. According to the search terms, is to enhance the fundamental station for the quality and enhance the competitiveness of the website. (paper by NMR 贵族宝贝> recovery

in the end how to love the Shanghai statistical analysis of key words, in our view the data report every day, should pay attention to what the problem is, recently through their personal experience, through the observation of half a month on a website about his own end, to master the skills, and to share with everybody, see if you have a similar problem.


view love Shanghai statistics source; recorded and compared every day into the website of the word by keyword, then according to the PV, click on the quantity, access time, jump out rate in descending order (no statement, website conversion rate). By turning from high to low keyword lists apart, meet the above four conditions are key word records. Then, according to the word, love Shanghai place search, compared to the previous ten, see what characteristics (currently own conclusion is: ten, Shanghai love their products basically occupies a large part, very little is at about 2-3. There are other communities, forums, or some more in name than in reality "link.

love Shanghai statistics, this is the webmaster friends each to view and analysis. But do you know how to correctly analyze each data above, I usually fly is to see again, compared to yesterday’s data, there is no increase or decrease. Not only this, after careful analysis, resulting in the waste of data sites largely did not grasp the method, is still quietly struggle hard, no actual effect.

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